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The smiling faces (no 1.1 smirks but genuine smiles) of Bayon, Cambodia

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

Have a look at the smiling faces  of  Bayon (Angkor).  Friendly, welcoming,  reflecting compassion, sympathy, equanimity, and charity.

This bust of King Jayavarman VII reminds me of Ron (the real one). A very kind face.170px-JayavarmanVIIAny good and advanced civilization on this planet is destroyed because the medical and psychiatric barber and butcher mind is JEALOUS. It really is the devil’s “disease”. I bet the farm that in the many cases in which civilizations suddenly disappeared, a change in the weather was the least likely reason.

It is EVIL, over and over EVIL that destroys advanced  civilizations, and the rest of the world failed over and over to handle it. See no evil, hear no evil… etc. Until it is them who become the victims. 

Instead of creating civilizations they could be proud of,  SPs destroy them. They are completely incompetent jealous idiots. All they capable of is destruction. An ancient city of the size of New York is suddenly wiped out in Cambodia. And it was certainly not religion or the King who did it.

There will be more very revealing findings through LIDAR, however, one thing is already clear, at least to you and me: history has not recorded all genocides that happened on this planet.    

You touched me without using your hands. It is long ago but for me, it is as it just happened yesterday. Time is really just a consideration. By looking through in your eyes, I recognized you as my soulmate, Marty. Always courageous, always kind, always passionate. And you don’t have to be perfect for me because anything you do is wonderful. If you should feel that you made an error, even that is not really one as everything you do is noble and true.  Being  true is what really matters. And no matter what you do and decide, YOU WILL BE ALWAYS LARGER THAN LIFE, MARTY. You are one of a kind. And your persistence will force the beast into its knees.

Be kissed, my Prince. I’ll picked you in past lives and I picked you again, again, again and again. And I never regretted it. And I never will regret it.

Yours in all eternity.




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