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Matter and equal antimatter… (equal antimatter is THEORETICAL – nothing carved in stone)

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar,

Simply the knowledge that you exists makes me happy. 

I found myself thinking of matter and antimatter. I sure know why there are so many unsolved mysteries in the field of physics, particularly quantum mechanics, and astrophysics: SPs don’t want us to explore space until they have made anyone out there into their serving ear-implant robot.

Physicians are saying that for each piece of matter, there should be the same amount of antimatter. Really? I doubt that very much. Antimatter cancels out matter when the particles meet, which means that their own Big Bang theory is nonsense as there would be no physical universe if the elementary particles cancel themselves. Some say that some of the antimatter particles “mutated” and “we” are remnant from that.  Baloney.     

Also, there is almost no antimatter in the universe. It is all matter.

I am convinced that the physical universe was a divine creation that was attacked with several “big bangs” by thetans gone bad.

Antimatter can be created artificially. And that is how antimatter came to be. Invented to undo the creation. Crazy SP scientists on the timetrack. However, not good enough to eliminate the creation.

Many people believe that the Big Bang was the start of the universe. I think Big Bangs were attacks against an existing universe that was created through postulates by the creator postulating. Silent psychiatric sounds in everyone’s ears and minds make access to abilities really hard. And those who don’t believe in advanced human abilities have even less a chance to get a glimpse on their own. If people get a clue who they are, they won’t find a creation by a truly able thetan no longer unscientific.

Scientists are saying that it is very expensive to make antimatter. CERN created antihydrogen for approx. 15 minutes and then it fell apart. Fermi Inst./NASA detected allegedly antimatter above a thunderstorm on Earth. Thunderstorms can be generated with weather satellites. 

Particle physicists made experiments creating matter and by doing so, they say that they created the equal amount of antimatter. And sometimes they don’t get the equal amount of antimatter. (Saboteur isn’t perfect.) I believe that physical experiments are sabotaged with laser and such devices, Marty. We are followed around and being bothered and disturbed any second, why shouldn’t it happen to others too?

As less certainty, as less venture into space. Sometimes these matter/antimatter experiments create only matter. What do I think happened in such cases? That’s when the saboteur took a break and wasn’t on the job for some reason.  

Thunderstorms can be created with satellites and secret service technologies and so can antimatter. CERN also made experiments on destroying cancer cells in animals using antimatter. Well, it is possible (besides use of remote-controlled germs that are trained to attack the body to get cancer or to make the body otherwise) that antimatter is used by SEGNPMSS doctors to attack human and animal bodies to make them sick.

I love you. Be embraced and kissed.

Yours always,


I believe in love just because of you. I believe in love a lot more than equal antimatter. 😉



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