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The European Court of Human Rights ruled several times in favor of the Church of Scientology – but what is the motivation behind it?

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Dearest Marty, able OT and my incredible husband,

Yes, we know that original Scientology is a true applied extraordinarily functioning scientific applied religious philosophy, and Russia  (on Germany’s secret command) violates its rights by refusing to register Scientology orgs as churches. Germany wants Scientology to be a business and infiltrated and altered it accordingly and uses also other countries to do their dirty work.

So, why did the European Court of Human Rights several times ruled in favor of the Church of Scientology? Is that court ok? Nothing is ok under secret or open German control. All Scientology Sea Org reserves are in Luxembourg because Germany wants them. If the EU rules that Scientology (unfortunately now German secret service psych-altered and infiltrated) is no religion, they are afraid that Scientologists pull Billions (in 1982 it was approx. one Billion U.S-Dollars according to Heber Jentzch) from the EU.

Germany wants to stay alone on top of the EU in the near future with money ripped off from Scientology and for sure numerous other organizations who were so blind to trust the “EU”. Once on top, and after having the economy of just about any other country held down and destroyed (incl. that of the USA) Germany will show its  real ugly Nazi face again in public as the secret service doctors behind the Nazis never were prosecuted.

You know it, Marty, I know it, but what is with the rest of the people? They seem to be hypnotized through ear implants by not seeing what’s going on.

I love you, my hero. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,




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