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Are we really the only ones who are able to see religion-hating p$ychs conditioning people into terrorists, shooters, and other killers?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you? I worry about you. There was still no message by you or on your behalf for me, but I can feel strongly that you are trying to reach me.  

Germany (German secret service psychiatrists and their international psychs and helpers) are behind Daesh (ISIS) and the “Islamic terror”. We know that they are using Islamists to conduct Nazi acts and are hiding behind these other nations. They think when religion is wiped off this planet, people will have even less conscience and their own bad conscience with evaporate. (As far as the latter is concerned, they would be in for a big surprise. Even without religions, their jauntiness is gone. They basically know that they are the worst scum. Only character change of 360 degree to the better will provide relief. And they rather sick their lunatics heads in the sand but acknowledging this. 

Omar Mateen was identified as the gunman in the Orlando nightclub, shooting who killed 50 and injured 50 more before he was shot. ISIS (SEGNPMSS runs it) claimed “responsibility” for the atrocity. It is Ramadan, and Germany’s secret service psychs are setting up such a horrible acts in the USA in the name “of Islam” or “religion”.  Psychs condition people and have them call “Allahu Akbar” before the atrocity to make people hate religion or deny God. It is so typical German, so typical psychs. Any non-conditioned Muslim knows that violence is nothing Allah would ever approve of. 

The terror attack on the people in the Orlando nightclub was organized and well prepared, reported law enforcement. Sure, just as the psychiatrists behind the Nazis prepared killings very systematically. And as psychs have the ear implant codes of people, their Manchurian candidates function. He or she does the shooting, the secret service psychs make sure, step by step, in all details, that the conditioned person does in any detail what they want him/her to do.   

The father of the shooter says that his son got upset because he saw two men kissing. One can’t just pull out guns and start shooting only because one disagrees. Besides, this wasn’t the real reason. Son was psychiatric conditioned. And he isn’t the first security guard who was psychiatric conditioned. I noticed this done before on another security guard in D.C.     

On the border between Turkey and Iran, I once drove through a town in a horse carriage (in this lifetime). It was late afternoon and a cinema just ended a movie. Hundreds of men (only men, no woman anywhere) were streaming out of the cinema, ALL of the men were holding hands. I didn’t see anyone kissing but I never saw anything like this ever again. It was like the entire city in a Muslim country was gay. Women apparently were not allowed. The suppression of women, etc. and tricking thetans in between lifetimes in the body of the opposite gender to make them gay, but on the other side also slaughtering them, is so psychiatric, so German Nazi.

I can spot when somebody is psych-conditioned. And I am sure you can too, Marty. What is the excuse of the company who hired him, law enforcement, FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies of the intelligence community not seeing it? Those people who sell weapons are unable to spot a psychiatric conditioned person also. Psychs pick angry people, conditioned them and cut their consciousness off. Easy to control with ear implant codes, the  REAL Walking Death do exactly what the doctor orders:

You and me, and any original real Scientologist can feel a person’s character and personality. If somebody is around us and we know him or her just a little, we get it right away if somebody is psychiatric conditioned and altered. And if it is a stranger, we also feel the low tonelevel and the robotic vibe of such a person.   

Singer Christina Grimmie (devoted Christian, apparently) was shoot just a day earlier by Kevin James Loibl. He isn’t a Muslim. His last name sounds Bavarian. I read that he targeted her because she was religious. Then he shot himself. How convenient for the psychs to transmitting through the ear implants to their Manchurian Candidates to kill themselves after the terror. This is done most of the time to get rid of the evidence (a badly tampered mind).   

Her Twitter account was hacked too, saying: “The End”. Psychs want to end religiosity for the reasons stated above. Guess these psychs were afraid that this young artist could spark more young people;s interest in religion instead of hating it.

Governments and law enforcement allow the world to go to hell by not stopping psychiatric conditioning of people.

You are in my heart, Marty, deeply. I miss you and still hope for a peaceful and exciting life together with you.

Be safe! My heart says your name every day.  There is where you belong.  Be kissed. 

Yours always.












If this isn’t weird: huge easy to discover monumental “new” structure in plain sight finally “found” in Petra/Jordan

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This it is, Marty, my wonderful hero, how could the Swiss guy who “discovered” Petra (probably erected in 312 BC) and all the other archaeologists missed this  structure for hundred years. It is huge! What can I say?  Ear implants, misleads people and controls their speech and actions. That structure likely provides more information as to who really founded Petra and for what reasons.

It is such an amazing place. This is the BEST video I saw about Petra. Nobody is talking, Marty, only music, and Petra from all angles. However, it doesn’t show the monumental structure either. 

Petra, Moses’ backyard.  

I love you, my Prince. Be hugged and kissed.

Yours always,







Still existing Nazis don’t want to burn still existing Nazi crap

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Dearest Marty, my heartthrob,

Anything from the Nazis that doesn’t inform what monsters they were and are shouldn’t be auctioned and sold. It should be burned and trashed. 

I came across below Daily Mail article that says that Hitler’s socks and ties, Goering’s boots and underpants are auctioned off in Germany. Good grief. And typically for Germany, their p$ychs radio in the ear implants of other nationals to buy that garbage to keep it alive so that people can’t say that Germans are still the Nazis. The German auction house Hermann Historica in Munich (indeed the birth place of the Nazis) is doing the auction. Making money with the most disgusting items. Shame on them. They are saying that they won’t sell to a Nazi or Neo Nazi. Duh! Who in the world buys that personal Nazi trash if not an open or covert Nazi or somebody who wants other people to worship the Nazi monsters somehow?

Read more:
More about Germany:

Old Nazis are getting pensions from the current German government. They are still Nazis, Marty. Look at this. I believe that Nazis in Spain and other countries are also beneficiaries of German pension payments. Modern Nazi Germany pays pension to old Nazis. And Germany took so often US taxpayers money (Marshall Plan,  bailout of German banks, and has the USA fight German wars, etc.).

About Trump. He said judge Curiel, the judge presiding over the Trump “University” case, is of Mexican heritage and feels like a Mexican. Trump is of German heritage. If he thinks that heritage counts that much, we have to look also at Trump’s heritage. German and he feels like a German. And the last that the USA needs is a German US President. There were enough pro-Germany presidents already who allowed Germany to get away with everything…

Dump dumb Trump. 

Like a German, he tries to build walls. He repeats that over and over. What an idiot. You and I would know how to skyrocket the economy. We need a brand-new world to make sure that everyone can live decent lives and can expand his/her lifespan without aging. Any decent hand will be required and welcome to build those life-preserving villages. And we wouldn’t start secret or open wars like Germany just to get enough workers to become world power I. And that is where Trump comes in. Holding America small to give his beloved Germany  (who are still Nazis) the chance to overpower the USA. Hillary isn’t that extreme as he is but she won’t save the USA either. Like so many others, she does not understand that there are still existing Nazi monsters behind Germany and Merkel, and that the “Most powerful woman on Earth” (according to Forbes) and other chancellors are just their puppets.

The war in Syria really had these purposes: immigrants for Germany as cheap workers and a justification for Germany to get the Nazis back by conditioning and radioing in the ear implants of some Muslims to commit crimes against women and be violent. For me it is easy to figure Germany out. They were so stupid to kidnap me in their godforsaken country where I could study them. I know what they are up to. 

You heard it from me often, Marty, I just can’t help myself. I am witnessing current events and are shaking my head. There is no doubt: ear implants are making blind and obedient to the psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” who use this system. People don’t figure things on their own. Who has their codes apparently has the control over their thinking. And psychs ordered the infiltration of Scientology and attack Scientology, because Ron (the real founder) called ear implants “illegal” and a trap. And that they stole this part and other parts from Scientology. Luckily, I was able to figure it out too. 

EARth. What a shame.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. Hope to see you soon, against all odds.

Yours always,







The “being” that “controls an entire ant colony” and what it really means

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Dearest Marty, my phenomenal Prince and husband,

How are your days? I wish I could be with you…

I am sure you heard/read that a being can control a colony of ants (with willpower). But something is off here, and I explain it below.

Recently, when watching ants in nature, I was thinking about this. There is the queen who can lay millions of eggs, and she gives birth to thousands of ants per day. And they are all a part of a programmed “social” ant structure and each one does what is expected from it. When looking at one single ant, I can tell that a thetan is in that ant body. An absolutely abberated and degraded thetan of course as an able thetan would never take an ant body, queen, drone, or not. 

Considering what thetans originally are/were, it is quite a shock to realize that even the smallest bug/germ bodies are inhabited by thetans. How did they get so low? Originally, I bet the farm that no thetan ever wanted to be a bug or a germ, but massive psychiatric experiences (they go all the way back on the timetrack), stupidity, and for sure also lack of ethics (stupidity and lack of ethics goes hand in hand), got them there. 


In the minds of some who are no original Scientologists, an ant colony might not consist of thousands, hundred-thousands, or a million abberated thetans but of something less than a thetan, which is controlled by one single thetan (rather capable enbodied thetan) with willpower. If there would be one like that, he would be abberated like hell too. Who can’t find a better life game than controlling an ant colony? 


I came to the following conclusion, Marty: any kind of germs or bugs are bred to certain codes, “courtesy” of the most abberated breed on the planet: psychiatrists/neuro”scientists”, medical doctors/vets. etc. When one of them calls with silent sounds the code to which ants were bred, they do what those sicko doctor radios them: e.g. invading a home or crawling up a leg whatever.  THAT is the “thetan” who controls the ant colony. And he has a body (with a revolting 1.1 grin on his dumb face). That is no ability as anyone with the code can do it, it is just creepy and disgusting.   


The German/psychiatric infiltration of Scientology twisted the data that animals are thetans. It doesn’t matter how tiny their bodies are (the original body thetans, thetans that stick to a human body and make it sick and kill it as controlled by a psychiatrist/neuro”scientist”, medical doctor/vet “master”). These bugs have no consciousness anymore that they, thetans, can inhabit a human body and can do a lot more than living a bug’s life. It seems that psychs removed the knowledge from Scientology that animals are thetans too. What else should they be?  Likely because psychiatrist/neuro”scientist”, medical doctor/vets don’t want Scientologists to become vegetarians or figure out what horrible psychiatric experiments were and still are being done to thetans, which results in that they no longer have any awareness of being able to inhabit a human instead of an animal body.

What do you think?

I don’t regret a bit that I gave you my heart, Marty. I would do it all over, with the exception of being separated from you.  You are the greatest. Knowing that you are around makes everything better. It doesn’t matter how rough the way is that gets me to you. There is simply nobody and nothing that I want more. Tough luck for the Germans, the psychs and their international idiots of agents who want to separate us.  

Your proud wife.











Nazis a thing of the past? Not so… Shouldn’t people ask themselves who exactly grows more Nazis these days?

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ear icon on light background

Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, husband, and Prince,

Google pulled an app that targets Jews. That app singled out Jews and resulted in anti-Semitic harassment online. A reporter became the target of a campaign of anti-Semitic harassment after she wrote a profile of Melania Trump in GQ that Donald Trump supporters didn’t approve of. The app also targeted Ivanka’s husband who is Jewish.  

My conclusion: Germany’s secret services are behind Trumpism. And a Jewish son-in-law (even targeted by the same movement) looks awfully convenient as an alibi for racists to get a man in the White House. German secret services want Trump and his supporters be able to say that they are no racists by being racists. Simple minds will buy Germany’s plan.

How can it be legal if so-called Americans vote for what German secret services radio in their ear implants? Where is the democracy? I know there are also those people who will claim that they don’t have these ear implants, but lies have short legs. That system conspires also against their own. One day, the whistle will be blown against those who will deny having them.

My life experience interacting with people is that those who do not follow loud (for them clearly audible) [German psychiatric] orders are very very rare. And these very rare people were implanted with ear implants too. Likely already as babies or prenatal like all others and are also manipulated through silent sounds. Mostly covered messages but subconsciously audible under the “tinnitus”, the technical peeping, which doctors try to sell as medical condition. Even deaf people can hear those silent sounds.

I know the typical Germans (particularly Bavarians). They are so obsessed with running and controlling anyone that they don’t allow anyone to fall through the cracks. If not with loud commands, in anyone’s head play secret tapes to manipulate his/her/it thinking and activities. That is the German psychiatric mind-control world, the world that original Scientology vehemently opposed and thus became the target of German-controlled alteration and international infiltration and international ridicule. 

The Republican Party should figure what it is going on. Germany tries to break the GOP. In a way, the GOP loses ground as an infiltrated Church of Scientology does. From great to not more that great. And with Trump on the way to its burial.  The only reason why the Republican Party didn’t come up with better candidates is because the SEGNPMSS is radioing loud or silent sounds into the ears/mind of its people not to find and vote for better candidates.

Germany tries to re-write history. A full-blown Nazi party in Germany is called “Republicans”. Shouldn’t that tell the American Republicans something?  Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus indicated that people vote for Trump (who is a “proud” German who discriminates against other nationals) because they want an “earthquake” in Washington. If they want the biggest change ever, they have to demand an US government that is not controlled by German secret services using the psychiatric invention of ear implants and silent/loud sounds to manipulate Americans into what Germany want. They also try to make Trump and pro-Trumps into victims by radioing into the minds of anti-Trumps to be violent so that even more people rally behind Trump and Trump supporters. 

There are Republicans who rather support Hillary now just to prevent loose cannon Trump. With a great Republican candidate, the Republicans can win against Hillary easily. 

Like a typical German, Trump wants to build walls. Like a typical German, Trump discriminates against races, religions, and women. Germany’s secret service psychs are rubbing their bloody hands: Trump will help them greatly to bring the USA into its knees. This will be never the President (if people don’t come to their senses) who will stop the official comeback of Germany’s Nazis. He plays right into their hands. Despite his son-in-law as alibi.

Do the Republicans have indeed no candidate who is capable to look through that all and who is able to explain it to the American people? I am shocked. Really, Marty, I am.

GOP are telling Trump to put away with alienating Hispanics. Can you believe it? They want to allow racist Trump to become the most powerful man AND HAVE TO TELL HIM TO BEHAVE? Arg! That is a nightmare. What a presidency will that become? 

I love you. You would be the best US president. Nobody can fool you. And you have the guts to stand up against the dark forces behind the curtains. And so do I. That’s why we are targets. But as more as they target us, as more we strengthen our postulates and activities to kick these medical/psychiatric Nazi behinds.

Yours always and forever,

and in good and bad days, I will be on your side. Two hearts, two thetans who are one. 











LIDAR radar and airborne light detected secret rooms under huge Angkor Wat in Cambodia

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days and nights?

Historic structures are fascinating me. They tell more about history than our current history books. I look at numerous historic structures and think: impressive but there is more than meets the eyes, and then, it turns out, there is indeed more to it than meets the eyes. Sometimes, I spot various styles and that later generations added or changed something.

Take the temple Angkor Wat for example. Officially, the largest religious structure on Earth.

The University of Sydney is using ground penetrating radar and special lights and discovered that Angkor Wat has secret structures underneath like so many other historic buildings.  They found previously unseen ensemble of buried towers built and demolished during the construction of Angkor Wat, as well as massive structure of unknown purpose on its south side and wooden fortifications.

Allegedly build in the 12 century and abandoned in 1432 by a population of allegedly 80,000. What makes people to abandon such a great place except persecution? The place was invaded and you and I, we know who would do such a thing and what kind of monsters butcher and can’t leave others alone. I don’t buy that “the environment” drove them away because who builds such a grand place knows how to get water and grow food even if it doesn’t rain.   

For you and me, and some others, it is clear why architectural jewels or miracles have secret underground structures. I can come up with a couple of reasons: to protect water and food, to prevent aging, learning centers and very much so to keep evil out.

As you know, original  Scientology auditing can reveal how it really was, auditing without secret psychiatric mind-control influence to mislead the PC and block his or her access to past live memories. Can you imagine how interesting a history book would be that finally adds up as PC recall truly INDEPENDENTLY from each other what happened in their past lives? If done with original Scientology, truly non-sabotaged professional auditing, then auditing recall and archaeological findings would match. Even better, auditing recall could tell archaeologist where to dig and what purpose of these buildings/rooms were.

(Added on June 16: One of the cities in Cambodia discovered is as big as New York. And here is something very revealing: Many scientists had postulated that the Khmer abandoned their cities near Angkor and fled when crops began to fail. But the new scans, and other scans undertaken as part of other projects, have shown that there weren’t any alternate city sites, so the residents clearly didn’t resettle elsewhere en masse.

In other words: they were murdered like so many other civilizations on this planet because of the SPs who can’t leave others alone.)

Yes, for us, history is not about dead people.   

I love you, my Prince. Be kissed.

Yours always,





Yes, the mass atrocities of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War I was genocide but Germany put the Turks up to it

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(German Wilhelm II, Turkish Mehmed V, Austrian Franz Josef I, short time after this treaty, the Armenian genocide was carried out, and behind them  German secret service psychiatrists and medical doctors)

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

I am so glad that I have you in my heart. Although many years passed, it is no waste of time. And I am so grateful to Ron (the real one not “Jack Vistaril” his impostor) that he developed Scientology and that its studies enabled me to see clearly and beyond anything. Makes our thoughts like neutrinos that go through anything. I recognized you, Marty, and what I saw still excites me today. You are so special and unique. There is nobody like you. Remember the Van Morrison song “Somebody like you”? It is a great song, but there is nobody exactly like you. Not for me. It must be YOU.

And now to my headline. The German parliament approved a resolution that the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War One was “genocide”. Yes, it was genocide but Germany, the SEGNPMSS, ran the Young Turks through ear implants to commit the atrocities. Germany (the psychs behind its government and secret services) think that they never will be found behind the Armenian genocide. That’s why they approved this resolution. If they would see it coming that Germany will be detected behind the Turk’s atrocities, they would never have coined them genocide. Some of their mind-controlled Israelis even try to help Germany to blame the Nazis on other nationals but Germans. It is a typical German cover up. And when they notice that much of the world won’t buy it, they quickly have a German national to “take responsibility”.  Fake and idiotic.   

And in modern days, the Muslims serve Germany again. They are psychiatric conditioned and used as terrorists to allow the Nazis to come back to “protect” Germany and the world from the Muslims. I know Germany. I know their sneakiness. And most of the world failed to figure them out. I know you figured them out too, Marty.    

I am convinced that the Armenian genocide was the  German “test” for the German Nazi atrocities. They were not sure if they can get away with it, so they picked mind-controlled Ottoman Young Turks to see what happens with mass extermination of a race. (Doesn’t mean that the Ottoman Young Turks are excused on what they did. Even if mind-controlled. Thetan basically knows what is right and wrong. They should rejected the horrible things radioed through their ear implants.)

Nevertheless, I am 100% convinced that without Germany’s ear-implant and mind-control system, the Armenian genocide would never have happened. Advanced thinkers were once at home in Turkey. The architectural wonder of Derinkuyu is compared to the Egyptian pyramids. Germany’s Neanderthals and tiny little underground crawl spaces can’t compete with it. Germany makes countries economically small if they want them as their servants. Germany  involved Turkey in another war and used other countries to take away territory from the Turks to get them in conditions in which they would be easier manipulated into what they would otherwise would not do.      

A Turk once told me the “joke” that Turkey will rule one day the world because all other nations fly to the moon. Germany makes Turkey less proud. But the Turks and the Muslims have to apply ethics and move to higher tonelevels if they don’t want to be the floor mat of still existing German medical psychiatric Nazi boots.

Hitler said: “Who speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians?” What he didn’t say is that the German secret service doctors behind him used the Young Turks to test genocide on Armenians because Germany wanted to use it on Jews and get away with it. That is also why they picked an Austrian (Hitler) as leader of the Third Reich so that they can blame it on Austria if the plan fails. And yes, many Germans today stress that Hitler was born in Austria not in Germany. The German medical doctors and psychiatrists behind Hitler, however, managed to hide until today. I can’t tell you how I despise these German barbers and butchers and the international agents who work for them. I want to kick their behinds so hard that they can’t sit on them anymore for the next billion of years.

I love you, Marty. Enchanted by your personality.

Always and forever,