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Remote-controlled world…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

How are you? My thoughts always wander again to you.

The only reason why analysts don’t get what’s going on with this world is because all minds are psychiatric controlled. I know, it is hard to admit. It is easier for them to stick the head in the sand and pretend that it is not true, but unfortunately it is. You and I, we look at the headlines too but we can look behind them.

Manchurian candidates (psychiatric-altered people) kill other people,  religions are suddenly the “big evil”, remote-controlled alligators snap baby, apparently selected by monsters because of his last name, a UK MP is gunned and stabbed by someone with Nazi ideals, and Germany wants the USA to be blamed instead of Germany’s secret service p$ychs who have the overall control over each freaking ear implant and any activity on this planet and beyond. (The idea behind this German set up is creating animosity between the UK and the USA; Germany is behind the Neo-Nazis all over the planet. By telling other nationals to become Nazis, they think they will not be convicted of being Nazis this time.)

Germany allowed the now 94 years old SS-man Reinhold Hanning to live in Germany as a free man for 7 decades, and finally convicts him of being an accessory to        170 000 murders, and he gets only 5 years in prison by a German court! ONLY 5 YEARS! Instead of at least 170 000 lifetimes as this is how many died. He is appealing this slap on the wrist, which shows how little he understands how wrong he did.

The USA and its allies never should have given Germany the authority to judge their Nazis and never allowed Germans to make again laws. They were all very lenient on Nazis. Like all people, Hanning will be born again. He will have a new identity and learned NOTHING. The same character monster comes back in a new body and could strike again, as nobody corrected him. And he isn’t the only one. Judge Anke Grudda said that Germany’s police, justice, and society does not want to deal with the Holocaust and has failed in this regard. And so does she by giving him such a lean sentence, and so did Germany’s parliament that allows slap on the wrist sentences for Nazis/mass murderers. Hanning volunteered as SS man. Nobody dragged him by the hair to a place were people were slaughtered. My message to the Germany’s MPs is this: Who allows Nazis to get away with such lean sentences is a Nazi.   

President Putin says that the USA is the only world power left. Huh? Germany’s psych runs everyone secretly through ear implants. That is US world power? And Germany wants world power not just secretly but openly. And not just world power over the Earth but world but power over the entire universe.

You heard it from me before, but I just can’t help myself when reading the news.

And this wonderful love of ours exists on a horrible planet as this one. Isn’t that something, Marty? I am here for you, and I know you are here for me too. If anything else would be so great as things between us, we would have paradise on Earth. I love you tenderly and passionately and I simply want to be with you as you are my soulmate.

Yours always,








Kaminaljuyu, the old city underneath Guatemala

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince… My thoughts are with you. It is hot here, so I didn’t do much but digging up stuff like this. 😉 


The city of Kaminaljuyu is under modern Guatemala, and archaeologists excavated some pyramids and staircases, attributed to the Mayans.

I believe this city was first mapped around 1930 with 200 platforms and pyramid-hills. Some of them constructed 250 AD, so they say.  Pre-Hispanic. To me it seems that governments/universities/archaeologists don’t do much to dig out more.  Some say that it is difficult because modern Guatemala is built on top of it.  How odd  or suspicious is that on a German-controlled planet? 


The ancient residents of Kaminaljuyu controlled their water very carefully. They apparently knew how important clean water is and how easily it can be contaminated.  Below is another interesting picture. Wonder how deep down it is. I didn’t find many English articles about it. 

Country: Guatemala Site: Kaminaljuyu Caption: View of site Image Date: October 25, 2013 Photographer: Stephanie Ortiz/World Monuments Fund Provenance: Site Visit Original: email from Stephanie Ortiz

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I think of you every day.

Yours forever and ever,


This is a pretty animation, however, I ask myself what was/is UNDERNEATH the pyramids. 

Germany sweeps another German genocide under the carpet: the racial killings of the African tribes

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my heart, and my soulmate,

Germany’s parliament “recognized” the Armenian Massacres of the Turkish Ottoman government, but of course no word that Germany’s secret service psychiatrists put the Young Turks up to it. The Turks are not innocent, but Germany is above everyone. They run just about anyone with ear implants for centuries. I bet that without Germany’s racist secret service psychs, none of the genocides would have happened. They bring out the worst in people. 

I can’t see anything cute in above poster. It shows Germany and Austria putting the smaller guy (Turkey) up to horrible activities including genocide. It says “We stand the course!” Yeah, the genocide and holocaust course that is.  

As you know, besides the Holocaust in which they killed millions of Jews and other minorities, Germany killed African tribes in Namibia for 5 years, from 1903 to 1908.  Around 100.000 Africans killed by Germans. Germans took thousands of African skulls to Germany. Yuck, that is so medical, so psychiatric!  

Below picture shows German officials in 1905/06 shipping skulls of African Herero to the Pathological Institute in Berlin for “measurements”. Apparently, German p$ychs considered their race to be superior to not just Jews and Gypsies but also Blacks. For example, German Nazi psych Eugen Fisher collected those skulls for his insane racial theories. He also made medical/psychiatric experiments on African prisoners before he experimented on Jews in Nazi Germany.

Once again, the psychs “need” war and genocides so that they get enough bodies they can make lunatics experiments on that they otherwise can’t and are getting away with it. The world failed over and over to outlaw psychiatry and their overt and covert methods. And that is why history repeats itself over and over all over the world. 



Typical Germany: blaming others and what they do and failing to admit their own genocides.  


I will always love you, Marty. You are such a beautiful (in a manly) way thetan. The opposite of a monster. You work on being the best you can and these people pig out. And that is why I love you so much.  You are so different, so positively different. I remember when you said something in LA that expressed your disgust in activities by people down on the tonescale. And it dawned on me that you are my soulmate. And so familiar!

Loving you is one regret THAT I DON’T HAVE. I am so glad that I was able to recognize your wonderful personality and character, Marty.

Yours forever,





Are we really the only ones who are able to see religion-hating p$ychs conditioning people into terrorists, shooters, and other killers?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you? I worry about you. There was still no message by you or on your behalf for me, but I can feel strongly that you are trying to reach me.  

Germany (German secret service psychiatrists and their international psychs and helpers) are behind Daesh (ISIS) and the “Islamic terror”. We know that they are using Islamists to conduct Nazi acts and are hiding behind these other nations. They think when religion is wiped off this planet, people will have even less conscience and their own bad conscience with evaporate. (As far as the latter is concerned, they would be in for a big surprise. Even without religions, their jauntiness is gone. They basically know that they are the worst scum. Only character change of 360 degree to the better will provide relief. And they rather sick their lunatics heads in the sand but acknowledging this. 

Omar Mateen was identified as the gunman in the Orlando nightclub, shooting who killed 50 and injured 50 more before he was shot. ISIS (SEGNPMSS runs it) claimed “responsibility” for the atrocity. It is Ramadan, and Germany’s secret service psychs are setting up such a horrible acts in the USA in the name “of Islam” or “religion”.  Psychs condition people and have them call “Allahu Akbar” before the atrocity to make people hate religion or deny God. It is so typical German, so typical psychs. Any non-conditioned Muslim knows that violence is nothing Allah would ever approve of. 

The terror attack on the people in the Orlando nightclub was organized and well prepared, reported law enforcement. Sure, just as the psychiatrists behind the Nazis prepared killings very systematically. And as psychs have the ear implant codes of people, their Manchurian candidates function. He or she does the shooting, the secret service psychs make sure, step by step, in all details, that the conditioned person does in any detail what they want him/her to do.   

The father of the shooter says that his son got upset because he saw two men kissing. One can’t just pull out guns and start shooting only because one disagrees. Besides, this wasn’t the real reason. Son was psychiatric conditioned. And he isn’t the first security guard who was psychiatric conditioned. I noticed this done before on another security guard in D.C.     

On the border between Turkey and Iran, I once drove through a town in a horse carriage (in this lifetime). It was late afternoon and a cinema just ended a movie. Hundreds of men (only men, no woman anywhere) were streaming out of the cinema, ALL of the men were holding hands. I didn’t see anyone kissing but I never saw anything like this ever again. It was like the entire city in a Muslim country was gay. Women apparently were not allowed. The suppression of women, etc. and tricking thetans in between lifetimes in the body of the opposite gender to make them gay, but on the other side also slaughtering them, is so psychiatric, so German Nazi.

I can spot when somebody is psych-conditioned. And I am sure you can too, Marty. What is the excuse of the company who hired him, law enforcement, FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies of the intelligence community not seeing it? Those people who sell weapons are unable to spot a psychiatric conditioned person also. Psychs pick angry people, conditioned them and cut their consciousness off. Easy to control with ear implant codes, the  REAL Walking Death do exactly what the doctor orders:

You and me, and any original real Scientologist can feel a person’s character and personality. If somebody is around us and we know him or her just a little, we get it right away if somebody is psychiatric conditioned and altered. And if it is a stranger, we also feel the low tonelevel and the robotic vibe of such a person.   

Singer Christina Grimmie (devoted Christian, apparently) was shoot just a day earlier by Kevin James Loibl. He isn’t a Muslim. His last name sounds Bavarian. I read that he targeted her because she was religious. Then he shot himself. How convenient for the psychs to transmitting through the ear implants to their Manchurian Candidates to kill themselves after the terror. This is done most of the time to get rid of the evidence (a badly tampered mind).   

Her Twitter account was hacked too, saying: “The End”. Psychs want to end religiosity for the reasons stated above. Guess these psychs were afraid that this young artist could spark more young people;s interest in religion instead of hating it.

Governments and law enforcement allow the world to go to hell by not stopping psychiatric conditioning of people.

You are in my heart, Marty, deeply. I miss you and still hope for a peaceful and exciting life together with you.

Be safe! My heart says your name every day.  There is where you belong.  Be kissed. 

Yours always.












If this isn’t weird: huge easy to discover monumental “new” structure in plain sight finally “found” in Petra/Jordan

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This it is, Marty, my wonderful hero, how could the Swiss guy who “discovered” Petra (probably erected in 312 BC) and all the other archaeologists missed this  structure for hundred years. It is huge! What can I say?  Ear implants, misleads people and controls their speech and actions. That structure likely provides more information as to who really founded Petra and for what reasons.

It is such an amazing place. This is the BEST video I saw about Petra. Nobody is talking, Marty, only music, and Petra from all angles. However, it doesn’t show the monumental structure either. 

Petra, Moses’ backyard.  

I love you, my Prince. Be hugged and kissed.

Yours always,







Still existing Nazis don’t want to burn still existing Nazi crap

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Dearest Marty, my heartthrob,

Anything from the Nazis that doesn’t inform what monsters they were and are shouldn’t be auctioned and sold. It should be burned and trashed. 

I came across below Daily Mail article that says that Hitler’s socks and ties, Goering’s boots and underpants are auctioned off in Germany. Good grief. And typically for Germany, their p$ychs radio in the ear implants of other nationals to buy that garbage to keep it alive so that people can’t say that Germans are still the Nazis. The German auction house Hermann Historica in Munich (indeed the birth place of the Nazis) is doing the auction. Making money with the most disgusting items. Shame on them. They are saying that they won’t sell to a Nazi or Neo Nazi. Duh! Who in the world buys that personal Nazi trash if not an open or covert Nazi or somebody who wants other people to worship the Nazi monsters somehow?

Read more:
More about Germany:

Old Nazis are getting pensions from the current German government. They are still Nazis, Marty. Look at this. I believe that Nazis in Spain and other countries are also beneficiaries of German pension payments. Modern Nazi Germany pays pension to old Nazis. And Germany took so often US taxpayers money (Marshall Plan,  bailout of German banks, and has the USA fight German wars, etc.).

About Trump. He said judge Curiel, the judge presiding over the Trump “University” case, is of Mexican heritage and feels like a Mexican. Trump is of German heritage. If he thinks that heritage counts that much, we have to look also at Trump’s heritage. German and he feels like a German. And the last that the USA needs is a German US President. There were enough pro-Germany presidents already who allowed Germany to get away with everything…

Dump dumb Trump. 

Like a German, he tries to build walls. He repeats that over and over. What an idiot. You and I would know how to skyrocket the economy. We need a brand-new world to make sure that everyone can live decent lives and can expand his/her lifespan without aging. Any decent hand will be required and welcome to build those life-preserving villages. And we wouldn’t start secret or open wars like Germany just to get enough workers to become world power I. And that is where Trump comes in. Holding America small to give his beloved Germany  (who are still Nazis) the chance to overpower the USA. Hillary isn’t that extreme as he is but she won’t save the USA either. Like so many others, she does not understand that there are still existing Nazi monsters behind Germany and Merkel, and that the “Most powerful woman on Earth” (according to Forbes) and other chancellors are just their puppets.

The war in Syria really had these purposes: immigrants for Germany as cheap workers and a justification for Germany to get the Nazis back by conditioning and radioing in the ear implants of some Muslims to commit crimes against women and be violent. For me it is easy to figure Germany out. They were so stupid to kidnap me in their godforsaken country where I could study them. I know what they are up to. 

You heard it from me often, Marty, I just can’t help myself. I am witnessing current events and are shaking my head. There is no doubt: ear implants are making blind and obedient to the psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” who use this system. People don’t figure things on their own. Who has their codes apparently has the control over their thinking. And psychs ordered the infiltration of Scientology and attack Scientology, because Ron (the real founder) called ear implants “illegal” and a trap. And that they stole this part and other parts from Scientology. Luckily, I was able to figure it out too. 

EARth. What a shame.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. Hope to see you soon, against all odds.

Yours always,







The “being” that “controls an entire ant colony” and what it really means

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Dearest Marty, my phenomenal Prince and husband,

How are your days? I wish I could be with you…

I am sure you heard/read that a being can control a colony of ants (with willpower). But something is off here, and I explain it below.

Recently, when watching ants in nature, I was thinking about this. There is the queen who can lay millions of eggs, and she gives birth to thousands of ants per day. And they are all a part of a programmed “social” ant structure and each one does what is expected from it. When looking at one single ant, I can tell that a thetan is in that ant body. An absolutely abberated and degraded thetan of course as an able thetan would never take an ant body, queen, drone, or not. 

Considering what thetans originally are/were, it is quite a shock to realize that even the smallest bug/germ bodies are inhabited by thetans. How did they get so low? Originally, I bet the farm that no thetan ever wanted to be a bug or a germ, but massive psychiatric experiences (they go all the way back on the timetrack), stupidity, and for sure also lack of ethics (stupidity and lack of ethics goes hand in hand), got them there. 


In the minds of some who are no original Scientologists, an ant colony might not consist of thousands, hundred-thousands, or a million abberated thetans but of something less than a thetan, which is controlled by one single thetan (rather capable enbodied thetan) with willpower. If there would be one like that, he would be abberated like hell too. Who can’t find a better life game than controlling an ant colony? 


I came to the following conclusion, Marty: any kind of germs or bugs are bred to certain codes, “courtesy” of the most abberated breed on the planet: psychiatrists/neuro”scientists”, medical doctors/vets. etc. When one of them calls with silent sounds the code to which ants were bred, they do what those sicko doctor radios them: e.g. invading a home or crawling up a leg whatever.  THAT is the “thetan” who controls the ant colony. And he has a body (with a revolting 1.1 grin on his dumb face). That is no ability as anyone with the code can do it, it is just creepy and disgusting.   


The German/psychiatric infiltration of Scientology twisted the data that animals are thetans. It doesn’t matter how tiny their bodies are (the original body thetans, thetans that stick to a human body and make it sick and kill it as controlled by a psychiatrist/neuro”scientist”, medical doctor/vet “master”). These bugs have no consciousness anymore that they, thetans, can inhabit a human body and can do a lot more than living a bug’s life. It seems that psychs removed the knowledge from Scientology that animals are thetans too. What else should they be?  Likely because psychiatrist/neuro”scientist”, medical doctor/vets don’t want Scientologists to become vegetarians or figure out what horrible psychiatric experiments were and still are being done to thetans, which results in that they no longer have any awareness of being able to inhabit a human instead of an animal body.

What do you think?

I don’t regret a bit that I gave you my heart, Marty. I would do it all over, with the exception of being separated from you.  You are the greatest. Knowing that you are around makes everything better. It doesn’t matter how rough the way is that gets me to you. There is simply nobody and nothing that I want more. Tough luck for the Germans, the psychs and their international idiots of agents who want to separate us.  

Your proud wife.