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What is really behind racial shootings… (Two or several wrongs make no right)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

I worry daily about your well-being. You are an innocent Jewish man and Scientologist under possibly trigger-happy officers and brutal inmates, all marching to the ear-implant commands of the SEGNPMSS. If that is nothing to worry about!

German secret services and the psychiatrists behind them want apparently a racial Civil War in the USA.

I noticed that Black and Jewish, and likely also some other minorities must often walk on eggshells not to “provoke” German-controlled police officers, and the reason is again that German secret services run people through ear-implants and set up such situations and the deadly results.

Once, a white woman told me that she thinks that being racists is in the white nature. (Not in you, Marty and me or some others like us!) She based this on watching a little white girl playing with a white and a black doll. Both dolls conducted some mischief, and the white girl penalized the white doll with a slap on the wrist and did beat her black doll almost to death (for the same mischief). What I see is the timetrack. The little girl lived before, was a racist in her past live, in addition to that German secret service psychs/racists are using ear implants (loud and silent sounds) to bring out the worst in people. I had a black doll named Scarlet as a kid. I loved that doll, never beat her once. She had the same rights like my white doll. (Somebody in Germany pushed her eyes in, and it wasn’t one of my siblings!) 

On the other side, I was in Washington D.C. during the mid/end of the 80s. Without any provocation by me, the Jewish Scientologist, a young female, strong, Black US Marshal stepped towards me and broke my arm. Just like that. What a brute she was! What I am saying is that Jewish Scientologist’s health, lives, and rights matter too. Despite of that, I am still no racist, Marty, and I observed that some white police officers have a “shorter temper” when dealing with Blacks.

Or with us Jews and Scientologist. That arm was also broken by a white huge police man named Duncan. I, a 5.4 unarmed female, no reason to break my bones, but Nazi ear implants rule and make people into animals.   

The teenager in Ferguson didn’t jump right on the sidewalk, when the police officer ordered it; the woman in the car didn’t want to put out her cigarette, likely all “offences” that probably would be handled differently if the people were white. (However, we real and original Scientologists are not treated better than Blacks. We have to walk on eggshells too.) 

Another thing that most people don’t know. In the German psychiatric world, there is no own choosing of gender and race. Who today is White and be Black, or any other gender and race and who is Black can be White, or any other gender and race in the next lifetime. People are tricked in between lifetimes and have no reality about it.

Even the term Black is German given to people who have a beige or brown skin color to make the differences between those races larger than smaller. I would change that.

What I am saying is: if this planet wants to see lasting peace, the psychiatric monsters (who else invades minds and bodies) behind the ear implants systems must be busted. That will result in people of all races becoming true brother and sisters and living together in mutual respect of their rights.  

You know it, Marty. I could be all so easy, but as the German proverb says: when two are fighting, the third one is enjoying it. They enjoy wars, fights, human sufferings, but we don’t. We find it horrible. It doesn’t matter what the race is.

Millions of kisses, my darling. Keep on surviving.

By the way, there was still no message by you or subpoena, etc. for me on your behalf. But they can’t win against real OTs, Marty. I feel that you are trying to reach me. Intuition. Thanks heaven to that. 🙂 I can’t imagine to exist without our spiritual abilities.  Another thing that psychs have to learn. Don’t try to fool real OTs. They won’t fall for it.

You are deep in my heart. I want you, only you.









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