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Denazification after WWII was a bad joke! Another example: Bavaria and Jewish art

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Vermeer_The_concertDearest Marty, heart-throb and my Prince, 

I hope this posting finds you well. I sure am thinking of you. 

As you know, Nazis (greedy like hell) stole more than five million cultural objects from the countries they invaded, including thousands of the greatest artistic masterpieces ever painted. The Monuments Men (consisting of Americans and their allies) were on dangerous missions to get these art pieces back to their rightful owners. But the State of Bavaria sold these pieces back to the Nazis. (Bavaria that helped Hitler to power, which recently re-published Mein Kampf, and an auction house in Munich made quite some cash recently by selling personal items as underwear of leading Nazis to today’s people instead of burning it, to name just a few events.) 

The biggest mistake that the Allies made was giving Germany/Bavaria the power back to be their own state. And I know it wasn’t Ike’s idea. The other world leaders have to learn that one does not become better just because losing a war. Germany (instigated) and lost WWI. It didn’t stop them to start WWII, and since WWII, they set up plenty of wars in other countries, because they are having a mentality that isn’t human. Just as their proverb is saying: if 2 are fighting, the 3rd is enjoying it. If they would be sane, they would not enjoy it.

Anyway, I found this article that reports about a study that revealed the State of Bavaria (no surprise to me) sold these art treasures that were rescued by the Monuments Men for cheap back to the Nazis.

In other words, just as power should have been never given back to Germany/Bavaria after WWII, stolen art should have never given back to them.

From the below article:   

Fox News cites The Art Newspaper as saying the group handed 10,600 artworks over to the Bavarian State Paintings Collection after the war under the understanding they were to be given back to Jewish families…”

They were instead sold to German and Nazis on the cheap.  

Read more:

Typically Bavaria! Munich was always whispered to be the secret capital of Germany. I learned these days again that nothing has changed. Bavaria today considers the other German states lower than Bavaria. A university degree received from an institution in Bavaria is considered more worth than an equal university degree in any other German state, despite all teach the same crap.

In Cornelius Gurlitt’s Munich apartment, almost 1300 Jewish pieces of art were hidden. After he was busted, he decided to “donate” the works to a museum in Switzerland.

Yes, the same Switzerland that accepted Jewish money and valuables and destroyed the records of having them.

Germany is above everything. And that is why Switzerland was allowed to be “neutral”. Germany didn’t want the Jews to deposit their valuables outside of Europe. That was the only reason, the Swiss was “neutral”. I learned that Swiss also enriched itself by having Nazi accounts.  Again, if the German take over Europe and the world plans fail and the Nazis are arrested, they want the cash rather in Europe instead on another continent. Europe they can take over quickly again and again.

Switzerland unofficially does what Germany says. German secret service psychs are running people’s ear implants. Germany has plans to be officially the only leader in Europe, and all riches in Switzerland and Luxembourg will be officially theirs (including the Sea Org reserves!)

I know they can’t fool you either, Marty. But it is shocking how many people Germany (particularly) Bavaria fools by pretending to be human, which they are not. If you ask me, Bavaria was the landing-place of space SPs and many stayed there and made it their home base on Earth. But it didn’t stop them from venturing out and attaching all to their ear implant system and hypnotizing people of other nations (and also their own) and turning them in remote-controlled killer zombies.

Germany, particularly Bavaria can’t have it, if they don’t control anyone.  They thought that if they kidnap me to Bavaria, it would paralyze and introvert me, with Bavarian SPs all around me, with a SP as alleged mother, to keep me “at bay” (guess that means at bay-ern). Where they wrong. I was able to see them of what they are. As more I see and feel them, as more I renew my postulate not allowing them to get away with anything. They have to learn finally their lessons to keep their dirty blood-crusted claws from good people.

I love you, Marty.

Yours today, tomorrow and always,






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  1. A teenage Afghan refugee went on a slashing spree armed with an axe and knife on a train in southern Germany on Monday night before he was shot to death by police. Three were hurt badly, one slightly.

    Message from here and there

    July 18, 2016 at 11:11 am

    • Whatever is necessary in the eyes of the SEGNPMSS to get as many people to turn back into Nazi Germany by going after foreigners and religions. I bet psychs implanted and hypnotized that young man too to become a monster. Germany killed millions of their own Jews, people who fought in WWI for Germany. They shot their own people at the Berlin wall. They had a 30 year war that took mainly place in Germany. Waste some of their means nothing to them.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 18, 2016 at 2:48 pm

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