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Disappearance of the Harappan (Indus culture)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? I am thinking of you. How are your days? I wish I could help you to a better life as you really deserve it.

As you know, the successful old Europeans (DNA tests) disappeared and were exchanged with a completely new people and a different DNA. Knowing this planet, it was slaughter of the old Europeans. However, the old Europeans were not the only people who perished. It happens all over the world after evil landed. Another example is the Indus culture, the Harappan people. They lived on the banks of the river Indus much earlier than previously thought (see the article below).



The picture above is one of their many water wells.  

This picture is a model of their architecture. In the middle is a bath.


Generally, people are made to believe that this civilization “declined” through natural disasters, epidemic diseases, and wild animals. All that could have been indeed thrown in their ways but highly unlike that an advanced civilization would not get a handle on it if it would have been natural and no other enemy around. 

Some people say that a great drought brought this civilization down. Really? They dug deep wells and had access to ground water.  

I read this horrible story about a find in their biggest city Mohenjodaro and this text: While exploring the museum we ran in to a strange thing. It was some human bones with a horrifying pictures of skeleton lying on floor. Excavations down to the street level revealed 44 scattered skeletons, as if doom had come so suddenly they could not get to their houses. All the skeletons were flattened to the ground. A father, mother and child were found flattened in the street, face down and still holding hands.


Looks like a horrible attack to me. Somebody poisoned their wells, a bomb or gas in typical Nazi (and the medical doctors and psychs behind them) manner?  Something that came so fast that they could not reach their homes anymore. 

Below article says that the Indus Valley civilization was much older than previously expected: 8000 years old, and they disappeared 4000 years ago. The old Europeans disappeared 4500 years ago.  After they were done with killing the old Europeans, they eliminated the Indus Culture.    

The Indus Valley civilisation is 2,500 years older than previously believed

Like you, Marty, I lived on this planet countless lifetimes, but this planet still creeps me out. Over and over mass murder and not just ancient history but also recent events. Also, considering that people don’t have to age and die on diseases or old age and that the technology to protect their lives is here and around for a long time  and these data are withheld from the majority of the people… What else is that but mass murder too?  

More than 7 Billion people on this planet are killed in an average of 70 – 80 years (if they are not killed much younger), and none of them has to die and there are ways to make enough space, food, water, etc. for each one of them.  What a horrible place planet Earth is, and I blame the SEGNPMSS and other SPs who support murder of  7 Billions of people in an average of 70 – 80 years. Can they spell MONSTERS?       

I love you, my hero, keep on surviving.

I love you so much. Hope to see you soon despite all odds.





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