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If people who want to be on the top of the country (may it be Melania Trump) or anyone else, don’t write their own speeches, how can the public determine if they really understood and mean what they are saying and are not just reading something off a paper or screen?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and GREAT future US president, how are you? 

What shocked me is that the Never Trump movement delegates didn’t get their roll call vote. Some chanted “USA”. Thetan basically knows that it is not true America that wants Donald Trump to become the Commander-in-Chief.

It was really stupid to “borrow” Michelle Obama’s speech. As if not millions of people heard her recent speeches and would remember her lines. Besides, it is much more fun to pen one’s own speech or essay.

And also, if other people write the speeches, how can the public tell if the person really understood and will do what she was reading out and is not just repeating it. How can somebody fulfill promises that were not even written by self? I am fully aware that writers polish  speeches and other publications but I rather read somebody in his or her own words. 

What do you think?

It has nothing to do with age or looks, but deeds (good or bad) are indeed visible on a person’s outside. You and I, we can see and feel that DT hides a lot. It just needs some people to dig deeper to get it before the USA and all voters are disgraced when it comes out first when he sits in the WH.

I heard the speech that Ted Cruz gave before the RNC. That was a good move not to endorse Trump. His speech was a lot more presidential than what Trump ever said. 

That pro Trump mob among the RNC is creepy. Not of them is able to see what’s going on with Trump. 

I miss you, my darling and sending you a million kisses and hugs.

Yours always and forever,





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