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German gunman (July 22, 2016) acted alone? What about the psychiatrists who conditioned him?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate and husband,

How are you days? I worry about you and would do all in my power to make your life better!

A shooting took place near the 1972 Olympic Game Venue in Munich yesterday. (Above picture.) You’ll remember that a  Palestinian terror group took 11 Israeli athletes hostage in building 31 with the help of German Neo-Nazis and killed them all. SEGNPMSS controlled of course. Munich police played into their hands with incompetency and corruption. Heil ear implants!  

Yesterday, another terror in the same neighborhood.  Sonboly, who was in psychiatric treatment, was a German citizen of Iranian decent (!), a young man without prior criminal record, who “killed himself” (typical p$ychs getting rid of the people that they conditioned to conduct the terror) after the killings a half mile away from where he shot others. Slow 2300 police men that they were deployed after the shots. Sonboly was born and raised in Munich. I read in several news outlets that he admired Nazi Anders Breivik but had no connection to immigrants.

This is typically German psychiatry. Used for “deprogramming” those who are not violent and letting the violent and psychiatric conditioned people roam in the society.  

There is a video on the net on which you can also hear the primitive Bavarian hostility against foreigners that a primitive Bavarian used to provoke Sonboly. THE GERMAN INSANE SUPREMACY BUGS BITE EVEN PEOPLE WITH IMMIGRANT PARENTS!  It is like an epidemic. I never got effected. When  I was mixed up with R’s baby, and I had not yet recovered my psychiatric stolen memory to who I am, I rather wanted to be Iranian than German. Seriously. Except that I never liked the suppression of women in the Middle East. But that is German too. Ear implants in 7 billion people and German psychs manipulate through them. But what else is “new”?      

It is the ttp://

If somebody like that Bavarian would attack me of being a foreigner, I wouldn’t shout back that I am German. I would reply: Thanks heaven, I am no German, particularly no Bavarian.    

Police says it was a “random shooting”, no terror. The odd thing is that several eyewitness yesterday saw at least three men with large rifles. That means that the police let the other two escape or these eyewitness are making that up. 

As I said before, in order to help the Nazis rise again all over Germany and Europe, the SEGNPMSS needs to make the population believe that they need “protection”. And the police can’t keep order, apparently. They have a similar program “dead cops”for the USA by creating the cops vs. Blacks and Blacks vs. Cops situations.

No word of course from Munich that German psychs condition people into becoming terrorists in the first place.

Despite “tough” gun laws, the SEGNPMSS knows how to get runs in the hands of criminals. I found hunting magazines in plenty of doctor offices that I ever visited in Germany. They make an oath that they don’t kill but go hunting. Go figure! I found this always totally contradictory. Sonboly’s gun seems to be a weapon that also police is using, and he had lots of munition. 

Anyway, German authorities say that this was no terrorism. Yeah right. Their psychiatrists create the Manchurian candidates. Like also the axe man in the train in Wurzburg, etc. 

As always, Germany and Bavaria is not honest, not even with their own people.

I love you, Marty. Miss you so much. Don’t miss Bavaria or Germany at all. You never would hear me call “I am a German citizen”. Very glad that I have left. The only thing that remained is a German accept. Wish I would not have it as I scare myself when hearing me. Never missed Germany a day despite how the USA treats me. After all, Germany is above everything, exactly as their anthem says.   

Yours forever,







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  1. Breivik won recently an appeal in Norway against being held in solitary confinement. His cell looks like a hotel room.

    Like a dragon

    July 24, 2016 at 12:03 am

    • Munich police says that the motive of 18-year-old German-Iranian national. As not other expected, Germany (Bavaria) continues to hush up psychiatric conditioning of people and the Bavarian psychiatric intention of ear implants to control people.

      The “motivation” is extermination of religions (Islam is first) then other religions including Christians will be conditioned the same way by psychs. Till there is no religion anymore that reminds the insane psych on that there is one who will hold them accountable, one who they can’t control with ear implants…

      This case in Munich has psychiatric conditioning written all over it. He comes from Iranian roots and is a fan of Nazi Breivik who was out to eliminate the Muslim population of Europe?

      That this boy wanted to be German (verbal shooting match with a typical primitive Bavarian) shows again the campaign of German superiority in Germany and the world.

      It passed me completely. Whenever I ran into a primitive Bavarian, and there were plenty, I always knew that I don’t belong there.

      That teenager was psychiatric hospitalized in 2015. I have seen the psychiatric conditioning of patients in the Munich psychiatric university hospital. Patent went from regularly depressed into zombie. I bet all that I own that they did the same with that boy.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 24, 2016 at 12:55 am

      • This is an interesting article in the New York Times about shifting labels

        I cite:

        “When mass killers show even minor hints of affinity for jihadist groups, as they did in recent attacks in Orlando, Fla., and Nice, France, their actions are swiftly judged to be terrorism. But when their source of inspiration appears to be right-wing extremism, as Mr. Andrä speculated could be the case in Munich, they are often treated as disturbed loners.

        This has fed concerns by civil rights groups and Muslim organizations, in Europe and the United States, that there is a lower bar for labeling something as terrorism when it can be linked to Islam. This tendency, they warn, feeds into anti-Muslim sentiment at a time when far-right populist movements are calling for special restrictions on Muslims.”

        That is because Germany, their secret service psychs, wants to bring the Nazis back as “protectors” against religions, withholding of course that psychs conditioned socalled religious people to become violent.

        Barbara Schwarz

        July 24, 2016 at 1:27 am

  2. Germany prepares to smash last post-Nazi taboo by deploying armed soldiers on the streets in peacetime after Munich shooting wrote the Daily Mail. And no, Germany is not democratic because psychs who control people with ear implant have the saying and set up situation to get and keep the world in the gutter.

    What is also not in the article is that Germany’s secret service psychs condition these terrorists, block their consciousness out during the attack and have them commit suicide to get rid of the hypnotized and conditioned mind. These people “function” via remote control because their ear implant code is being used.

    The terror by alleged Muslims and others serves the psych purpose to bring the Nazis back. They will call them slightly different but it will contain all the racial craziness, bias, supremacy, the Germans, particularly the Bavarian, are known for.

    And they have this plan for the entire world.

    It is such a shame for all law makers and law enforcer not figuring out who and what turns people into terrorists and why. Particularly the suicides that follows indicate clearly that people’s consciousness is blocked out because people want to survive. Hype alone is not strong enough to die. It is psychiatric conditioning for crying out loud.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 25, 2016 at 3:13 am

  3. And another P.S.: It now turned out that Munichgunman Ali David Sonboly, 18, worshiped Hitler. Wonder if he was that by himself or if psychs conditioned him to become a Nazi. Psychs were the men behind Hitler.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 28, 2016 at 5:04 am

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