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About that caller who offered himself as “suicide bomber” to the Church of Scientology and dragged TC in it

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Dearest Marty, rockstar and heartthrob, 

I am thinking of you and how great it will be to be unified with you. I know you have not changed your personality. Me neither, just got wiser. Keep on surviving, Marty. You are the beacon in a universe that doesn’t see straight. Just by looking at you, I could tell a lot about your reality, state of mind, and personality. Comes also easy to you, I know. And upon this discovery, I fell deeply in love with you. 

Who else but psychiatrists and their stupid agents want Scientology involved in “suicide bombings”? (A person called the C of S, and offered his “suicide services” to the C of S and sang Allah Akbar, Tom Cruise.) First they pair Nation of Islam with Scientology and now this. Did they hope that one of Farrakhan’s people, one that psychs already conditioned, picks up the phone inside the orgs and makes such a deadly deal instead of reporting it to the police? Although Nation of Islam isn’t the same as “Islam” in general, psychiatric secret services decided a long time ago to use Islam to bring all other religions down by psychiatric conditioning some of Islam’s alleged followers. Including bringing SCN down. The entire world is an ear-implant cult. I think that people who put their religious beliefs above what their case officers whispers in their ear implants are rather rare. Their stupid case officer (a super computer) is people’s “God”. 

Just about any day the news reports about atrocities committed by psychiatric altered people somehow connected to Islam, even if they have not really anything to do with it like the shooter in Munich or the truck driver in Nice. The squirreling of NOI into Scientology serves the same purpose. Psychs figured that they can’t bring down Scientology unless paired with something of which they think they can bring it down: Anything that has to do with Islam, even just in name.  

What I am saying is that Scientology hangs with NOI if one of their members is psych-conditioned and somehow was online in Scientology. Gavin Long who recently killed two police officers was earlier a member of NOI. Psych-conditioned guy for sure. 

And I bet the farm that more psych-conditioning is already done and the sleepers (basically a type of walking dead) are already in place, incl. in the orgs, ready to be activated via ear implants by remote control of German-controlled psychs.   

Here is an article about the difference between Islam and Nation of Islam, it says that NOI professes to follow Islam’s fundamental tenets but real Muslims are not buying it.

Simply the idea of a “nation” of Islam, in other words United States being a nation of Islam, scares the hell out of many people, and DM pulled them into Scientology, desperate to get members instead of recovering real and original Scientology, which grows in the speed of light on its own (also through mainstream any race incl. Blacks who are not biased against Jews as NOI and who are not supremacists as Farrahkan) if not altered and infiltrated by non-Scientologists.       

Authorities are allegedly investigating the caller. It isn’t mentioned anywhere that Scientologists called the authorities to report this “offer”, but I think this is how the authorities learned of this. 

Whoever the caller is: an Anti-Scientologist or an Islamist, the SEGNPMSS put him up to the call, testing if they can get Scientology into violence. I feel since many years that psychs have terror in Scientology or committed by a conditioned person who is online in Scientology on their insane minds. And they conditioned also people who are online in Scientology. Manchurian candidates. Rex Fowler is just one example. And DM failed in all such instances to have auditors audit for the proof and document it to the authorities. He is such a failure. Anything but a real Scientologist. CCHR failed to in this regard.

Also your impostor, Monique’s husband is again in the news as the “star” of Louis Theroux “My Scientology Movie”. What a dishonest production (same goes for Going Clear), hushing up that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that you and even the founder were impostored by secret service dupes and that Germany is behind it. These publications sell snake oil to the public. I have just seen trailers of it. Theroux tries to make big cash with it before his crap becomes available to all.

Bad people are such a turn off, and you are such a turn on.  In a universe  of real OTs, a good person like you wins first, Marty.

I love you more than words can say.

Yours, Sarah/Barbara

P.S. In his speech during the DNC, Bill Clinton stressed that Hilary is “the real one”. Interesting. Is there somewhere a Hilary impostor around? Maybe that one involved in scandals? 😉

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