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The pyramid in Palenque, Mexico, protected a water well to help the living not the dead

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince and awesome soulmate,

How are you?

Scientists all over the world want to make us believe that great historic structures as pyramids were built to “worship the dead” because they found skeletons or coffins inside. I rather think that these skeletons or coffins and inscriptions were added later, after an attack by SPs killed the leaders and destroyed or started the destruction of the rest of the civilization.

Recently, scientists  found that underneath of the Pakal pyramid is a spring, in other words, the pyramid was built on top of a spring. Apparently, these scientists are completely forgetting that there were/are people who poison wells to kill others and that wise rulers protect their clean source of water for others and themselves.

They found that the water tunnels under the pyramid direct water from the well to the front of the pyramid to an esplanade, allegedly to assist Pakal’s spirit to find a way into the underworld. Baloney! Spirits find their own ways. The well water, likely even additionally purified on the inside of the pyramid,  WAS LEAD TO THE OUTSIDE TO GIVE ALL OTHERS ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER. Nothing is more important for health and longevity than clean water.  

That’s also why the Great Pyramids and the Taj Mahal have wells inside. Built for defense reasons and keep the water source save. The idea was keep water and people safe. That’s the story.

Unfortunately, there were always traitors on the inside who for personal gain assisted the SPs from the outside. Or barbers and butchers kidnapped people and hypnotized them to let them in. They opened the doors to the monsters and the good leaders were murdered. That is why no great civilization survives. Lack of ethics and stupidity. These two are joined by the hip. And hypnosis and mind-control was used too to bring civilizations down. And all of that is still in use today in form of terror and war. 

I know you figured it too, Marty. You know what kind of hellish planet and universe this is. Most people don’t even know that they lived before and come back. Yikes! 

 Because psychs and their dumb agents suppress all scientific facts hereto.  And that is why they don’t create truly safe futures. They think they are not around. And Ron’s original Scientology is infiltrated, altered, ridiculed, and defamed, who said it so clearly that people inherit the world that they leave behind. Even if they don’t remember it, they come back into their own hell that they failed to make better.

Many people believe that they just live one lifetime because they can’t remember their past lives. Yet, they can’t remember their times as newborns either. Most say that they can’t remember anything before age 3. If they can’t remember all of this lifetime, how come they find former lifetimes absurd? Denial of the existence of past lives must be also that they subconsciously don’t want to face what they did and what happened to them in these former lifetimes. Non-confront. 

 I am sure, Marty, that “childhood amnesia” are SEGNPMSS tapes in all languages played in the subconscious minds of all to forget.  We live in a secret psychiatric world, and these psychs are the dumbest people ever, because also they sooner or later step in the traps they created for others. 

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that I know of your existence. I  can read personalities.  Not like a psych, invading personal thoughts by not even getting smart reading them… They are reading ours word for word thought since centuries and still haven’t figured us out. Lol. They are arrogant and superficial. And deep down, they are afraid. Afraid of us who want good lives for anyone who is peaceful. Yes, they are that stupid. 

Like you, Marty, I can sense the personality of a person. Knowledge of tonescale of course but also sensing intentions, withholds,  knowledge, ethics levels even their past lives…  I don’t do it deliberately, like “Now I am analyzing this person….” No, it just comes to me. And what I sensed around you, what came to me from you, was simply amazing. Wonderful! Your beyond words wonderful personality.

 I could not live without these abilities. They brighten up dark times.  If we, you and I, would not have these abilities, we wouldn’t have figured what we did. Yes, after a billion lies, we still are convinced, more than ever, that we are the soulmates that are supposed to be together, against all odds, surviving even the thickest conspiracy.

Keep on surviving, Marty. You are remarkable. Absolutely unique, and completely irresistible.        

Your forever,



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