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Another civilization that disappeared in Turkey: Advanced architecture approx. 12.000 years ago in Turkey: Göbekli Tepe

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thunder and lightening woke me up last night and kept me awake among other things.  Kind of tired today. Wonder how your nights are.

Too bad that the Middle East has such a bad reputation these days, considering the advanced historic structures that were built there.  

Archaeologists are still guessing what purpose Göbekli Tepe served but it was no burial ground. Most think it was the first temple. Here is a picture from the air. Impressive. 20 circular structures on 22 acres. To me it seems that the biggest building it was built underground. Definitely bot built flat on the surface of the land. The pillars weigh up to 60 tons.  Those large pillars seem to be structural support pillars for a roof. The pillar have no faces, which makes me wonder if there were others that the main architects who added the stone animals to it.

Again, not built by any Neanderthal or the like nor hunters and gatherers with their little tools. 

Around  8000 BCE, this place was INTENTIONALLY buried. Some think that the ancients themselves buried that place. Some think it was attacked from outsiders.  These are sites that go far beyond the need of shelter that any Neanderthal or the like nor hunters and gatherers would have built. 

They found lots of animal bones around that place but none of them domesticated. Maybe also wild animals used to attack them.




You are always in my heart, Marty. I love you. Would be wonderful if I could hear your thoughts to those neolithic sites, which are fascinating and tell loud and clearly that our school history books have a lot to learn.    

Yours always, and forever, and be kissed,




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