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Gudrun Burwitz, the daughter of Heinrich Himmler still supports Nazis today

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and husband who I would marry over and over again,   

I think of you.

They found 1000 pages of the diary of Heinrich Himmler in an archive in Moscow, reported the Jewish Chronicle. They were filed just under “diary”, apparently no reference to Himmler. Cover-up.  The entire world is run through SEGNPMSS ear implants, otherwise things like that would not happen in Russia or elsewhere.   

Anywhere, it supports that twisted Himmler was indeed the monster that he was.

His daughter Gudrun still supports Nazis and married a German NPD (National Party of Germany) leader. In view of more evidence that her father was indeed a wild beast and no human, her attempt to justify his activities will be more difficult. A man who adored his daughter was unable to understand that the parents who he killed adored also the children that he killed. What a beast.

Anyway, Gudrun Burwitz claims that her father did not commit suicide but was murdered. I agree with her on that claim only, but not as to who the killers were. I think that his case officers, the psychiatrists behind him, had him murdered so that he can’t blow the whistle on them, psychs and medical doctors, being behind the Nazis running them with ear implants and that the Holocaust was a psychiatric plan to begin with.

Gudrun Burwitz supports “Stille Hilfe” that helped many Nazis. Has ear implant whispers written all over it.

Hitler got away and lived many decades longer than most people think.

The skull in Moscow is/was likely that of Eva Braun. Why didn’t Himmler get away? Why didn’t they kill a doppelganger to make the world believe it is Himmler, like they did with Hitler? I think I know why, Marty. Himmler wouldn’t have agreed to leave his beloved Gudrun behind, and that girl disappearing with him… That would have roused too much suspicion. Killing another kid and have her pose in death for Gudrun? Would be a possibility, however, seemed too much work for the psychiatric case officers. Hitler got already away, enough to cover up…  And SEGNPMSS doesn’t mind to murder their own. It is a system in which everyone loses. No life is really valuable in their view except their own, well, until to the day when fellow other psychs considers their lives for not valuable. Then “the joke” is on them.  

Despite Hitler got away for decades, they killed him one day too. Not because of justice, but likely to plant the low life form in the USA, to become an US citizen and when grown up, to bring the USA down further. They do that all the time. They rob good Americans, if they can and kidnap these thetans to Europe, Germany and have them grow up there as Europeans, mostly Germans, to “upgrade” Germany and they plant their own scum thetans in the USA to bring it down.

How do I know? I know them. They were so dumb to kidnap me to Germany, where I could study them. Corrupt fools they are. Now the cat is out of the bag, and the secret service psychs are getting their motivators. They do all they can to suppress this information, but they can’t forever.

Marty, I love you, keep on surviving. I know that you must feel that you are in a concentration camp. It is exactly what it is. The people who conspire against you are monsters. It doesn’t matter what nationality they have right now. Who works for the Nazis and conspires with them is a Nazi.

Sending you a million kisses. You are deep in my heart. Nazi doctors and their also despicable agents have no power whatsoever to third party you. You are safe in my heart.

   Yours forever,





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