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Barack Obama commuting the sentences of 214 inmates – and I bet the farm, Marty, that he has not included innocent you

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are your days and nights?

The minute I go to bed at night, another thunderstorm hits, lingers on all night, and keeps me awake. Sigh!

I read in the Washington Post that President Obama commuted the sentences of 214 inmates this week,  federal inmates of which he thinks that their sentence is too harsh. I feel that he knows of your wrongful incarceration, but that he doesn’t feel that you being wrongfully incarcerated for decades is too harsh. It makes my blood boil. Barack Obama didn’t publish the photos of “dead” Bin Laden because he knows that he just got the dead doppelganger of Osama bin Laden and not the real monster. This is the reason he didn’t want the public to see the photos. Obama doesn’t just deserve to be impeached, he deserves a federal prison cell for a very long time.

Donald Trump will get the USA into more troubles, no doubt about it, but President Obama is another Berliner. He isn’t good for America either, and neither is Hillary. We can document how corrupt Bill Clinton’s administration was. Her’s will be just an extension of his. Reince Priebus said that people are voting for Donald Trump because they want an “earthquake” in Washington D.C. Trump is just empty speech and liability, but we have a wakeup call for the nation, Marty, thousands of lying officials under Bill Clinton who conspire with Germany to keep us apart and your wrongful incarceration hushed up.

If the GOP just would find a decent presidential candidate who would use these data for his/her campaign. Even if this presidential candidate would start from zero and this late. No Clinton would win the election. Not with that kind of corruption.

I love you, my Prince… More than I can tell. Many tender and passionate kisses. I won’t go anywhere. I stay until I found you or until murdered. For me a life without you is no alternative. I want you, Marty or nobody or nothing. Period. Period! PERIOD! PERIOD!!!!! 🙂 You are the one I love.

Always yours,






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