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Large Hadron Particle Collider in Cern found nothing…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and amazing soulmate,

How are you?

Sometimes, when I got a minute, I check what my friends the physicists are doing. Physicists should consider the Scientology axioms (the original not any alterations). Makes sense but the big bang doesn’t.

Particle physicists under a German director in CERN claimed a few years ago that they found the Higgs boson “God particle”, the particle that “creates mass in the universe” but later some scientists took it back, kind of. Originally, it was big news.  Most people believe now that they did found it, when in fact scientists are doubting it. One or two years later, only a few media outlets reported that scientists doubt that they found the Higgs, that they think they just found an impostor, or a techni-Higgs  (they want to find a Higgs so badly, any kind of) or a techni-quark.

If they really found that boson, shouldn’t they be able to make a bit matter with it and support their ideas with something more than just colorful graphics of explosions? 

They made the data of their first smash activities available to the public. Guess they hope somebody finds something in… nothing found. What I know is that smashing is the wrong approach to figure how the physical universe came to be.    

Not even a definition of the Higgs boson in their glossary:

CERN recently they tried to spot a certain kind of neutrino and they didn’t see that either. And nothing else…

Anyway, the latest news from the Collider are here: 

WE SEE NOTHING, physicists are saying. Just fluke…

That smashing toy did cost USD 13.25 Billion, and the US paying large sums of it.  

That smashing or banging created the universe is a very wrong idea. The amazing and complex (in a very good way) thetan that you are, Marty, certainly is not the evolution of any smashing or any big bang. Neither is your body. Physicists don’t make a difference between body and the being. But they should. One is physical, the other one spiritual. And by ignoring the latter one, they can’t figure out the first one and the physical universe. Smashing and big bangs DESTROYED the original creation of the physical universe created by one incredible able being. Smashing did not create mass, it destroyed the perfectly created universe into one with death and less ideal living conditions. 

Here is what happened: creation by the creator, destruction by stoned idiots, medical experiments done by conscienceless doctors to the genetic line/bodies and thetans (to degrade), and also some evolution took place after that. People either believe in the creation or in the evolution. They never considered that there were to more activities that go on over a very long time in this universe. 

I love you, Marty. Can’t wait to collide with you again on a very tender and passionate level. There will be sparks, no physicists ever has seen. 😉

Yours always,


That’s the collision I am talking about, Marty. 🙂



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