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Ancient water supply and defense… (Hezekiah’s Tunnel)

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Dearest Marty, heart-throb and most fascinated Prince ever, I am thinking of you. 

How people got and get their (particularly drinking) water is interesting. Anyone needs water. Most article that I read are lacking the conclusion that killers loved to poison wells all through history and that only clueless people wouldn’t try to protect their water sources. Even today, our diking water sources are often contaminated. 

The Siloam Tunnel also called  Hezekiah’s Tunnel transported water from the Gihon Spring into the City of David/Jerusalem. The tunnel is 1/3 of a mile long.  The Gihon Spring in the Kidron Valley was protected by water towers at the edge of the city. The water didn’t gushed openly through the city, sure to avoid that it was poisoned.

Marty, I learned that under siege, City of David had enough water even without this tunnel and the spring. So, it appears to me that the architect(s) had protected water and not any kind of water on his/their mind/s. The tunnel is  wide and high enough to walk through. It appears to be dug by two teams who met exactly calculated in the middle. Another interesting thing is that the tunnel wasn’t dug in one straight line but in some kind of “S” form. If they would have dug a straight line, it would have been easier on them, but non-straight line was certainly intended.



So I ask myself: did the tunnel also serve as a hidden escape ways? Did escape ways exist or were they planned? Was the tunnel built in a twisted form to mislead persecutors into another direction? Or not finding the tunnel by digging for it in a straight line? Were the “false-start” tunnel the start of the groundwork for more tunnels in several directions?    

Let’s say the attackers heard of the tunnel but find the well protected. Instead of  fighting person by person, they decide to kill all by throwing poison in the water of tunnel by digging out of sight  of those who watched over the spring. There were two spring gate watch towers. The tunnel was largely built underneath the city. Somebody could dig for the tunnel (to poison the water) from a basement of a house in the City of David. If a tunnel is not build in a straight line, it is much harder to find it.      

There are also some “false” tunnels down there. Most are thinking that the teams accidentally cut the stone in the wrong direction. I rather think that more tunnel ways were planned and started. Likely also escape routes. They are not “false” or in error.   

Was the “Warren shaft” (5) and the “sink hole” (10) above holes that the enemy dug to poison the water tunnel and penetrate the city? The Warren shaft wasn’t a water hole to fetch water. I believe people later tried to fetch water from it with buckets and it didn’t work.

King Hezekiah had defense on his mind. He also built the Broad Wall, 7 m thick, which was a massive defense structure. He wouldn’t leave a shaft there or a hole… Some say that it formed “naturally” as a sinkhole. It does not feel right to me. 

You and me, and some others, we know this planet. How can the world solve today’s evil by not even confronting evil in the past?

Be hugged, and kissed, I am at your side, rain or shine, Marty, because I know who you are, and you deserve so much better than what an ear-implant-controlled world has in store for you.

Yours always,


P.S. Did you notice that often, when a song is good, the lyrics are creepy or suck? Or when the lyrics are good that the music isn’t good?

Here, the music is good but the lyrics are creepy.




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