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Smash the Enemies of Greater Germany- WW2 NAZI PROPAGANDA POSTER

Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and incredible Prince, how are you?

The SEGNPMSS wants the USA involved in wars. It wants to ruin the USA so that Germany becomes World Power no. 1. It is the old Nazi plan, and also the plan they had before the Nazis. Nancy Pelosi but also Republicans are saying that their e-mails were hacked and that it was done by the Russians. American secret services says that the Russians are the major suspects. Germany uses bad apples of any nation for its outrageous activities to win the control over the planet.  

There are countless of situations each year, set up and organized by the SEGNPMSS to bring the USA into its knees, including who runs for US president. In 2014, there were 318.9 million people in the USA, and the big parties can’t find any better candidates but Donald and Hillary. Give me a break! For you and me, all is transparent, but what about the others? There are analysts who are paid for figuring things out, but they don’t. SEGNPMSS uses ear implants to control people. Typically psychs to invade the minds of people.

And as I said before, the Whistleblowers, Snowden, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Anonymous, hackers, and whoever else, they usually just “blow the whistle” when it can be blamed on the USA. It is all about degrading and shaming the USA. All of these “whistleblowers” keep Germany’s psychiatrists’ secrets that these monsters have ear implants installed in little kids ears (any nation, any religion, any race, any gender, any social class) all over the planet to run them and control them throughout their entire lives. If that wouldn’t be the case, I wouldn’t be the only person writing about the ear-implants. From how people talk, it is often easy to see that they are getting messages in their implants that they more or less robotically repeat. I get it all the time when people talk to me. 

I just saw a trailer about  Florence Foster Jenkins, the woman who sung in the White House while Rutherford B. Hayes was the President and she could not sing. An article that I read said that she wasn’t the only one who could not sing and Americans would love bad singing. The hell they do. When I look at something, I do not just see the front but also the layers beyond. German controlled ear implants are the reason why Americans show bad taste or behave otherwise non-American. Germany smirks and “demonstrates” to their people and all other people that America is “tasteless” and has “no culture”. When I lived in West Germany, I heard anti-American propaganda all the time from these alleged American “allies” and “friends”.

The poster above says that all enemies should be slammed into the dust for the sake of a large Germany.

These days, after Great Britain decided on BREXIT, it is smeared too as incompetent. Germany above everything. Just like their national hymn says. 

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon called Angela Merkel telling her that Scotland wants to  stay in the EU. She didn’t call the President of the EU, she called Merkel! Germany above everything. As if Ms. Sturgeon missed out history lessons. And Merkel said that Northern Ireland and Scotland would be welcome to stay in the EU. And that was the SEGNPMSS plan in the first place.

Due to the role that Great Britain played during the World Wars, Germany has a problem with GB and don’t want the GB telling it what to do or having any influence on what they do. So, they decided to make it smaller, had the BREXIT so that Scotland and N. Ireland break away from GB while the SEGNPMSS will do anything to dwarf the GB economy by controlling people with loud and silent sounds through ear implants. (The same way they hold the US economy down.)

Calling Great Britain “incompetent” is typical SEGNPMSS propaganda. If nobody blows the whistle on what is BEHIND everything, if nobody pulls the whistle on Germany’s secret services, and particularly, the SEGNPMSS (a secret service so secret that this planet doesn’t even know its name, although it is in PLAIN SIGHT, as least for you and me) one day, not so far in the future, this planet will be German.

Another SEGNPMSS plan is to have Nazis grow particularly in countries that fought the Nazis during WWII, like Great Britain, Russia, or the USA, so that nobody claims that it is again Germany. But it is still them. They have the overall control over each ear implant ever installed. 

During the 3rd Reich, they showed their real monster faces. At the moment, they show it through Daesh and other terror groups and nations, which they use to execute their psychiatric/medical atrocities. But when no country is left that is strong enough anymore to fight them back, the German doctors, former barbers and butchers, behind the Nazis will have them march officially again. I don’t even want to be in this universe when this happens! People who act as if all is fine with Germany on top of everything are stupid. They are really dumb. There is no other word for it.  

Be kissed, my darling. I love you. 

Yours always,


Waiting for you…  I am looking forward to see your face again, Marty. This face and your wonderful eyes in which I discovered so much decency and courage.    







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