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How deeply asleep are scientists and law enforcement by not figuring “spontaneous human combustion” as medical terrorism?

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and husband,

This is a gross subject (like anything else medical terrorists do) but I want to give my  Centillions of  two-cents hereto. 😉

Seriously… I kinda ran into some articles on “human combustion”, a fire that starts within the body of a person without apparent external source of ignition.

Who are they kidding? 

This kind of creepy terror seems to go on for centuries and “science” has again not the correct answer, they just provide some explanations (alcohol, gas, electricity), which in my opinion, contribute to the fire, set with microwave beams or lasers from a secret service doctor/killer. They targeted the bodies of approx. 300 people with those devices and set them on fire, even from a distance. They do it to living people and also to recently diseased people. Guess that is what these perverted medical minds calling “fun”. They are so disgusting. I pity any person who has such a medical person in her/his life. 

It is not “paranormal” either, it is medical terrorism again.

Some people suspect correctly that the combustion must have an outside trigger, even if the victim had alcohol in her system. But what they and nobody else are investigating are secret service doctors who use microwave beams or lasers to kill these people. The motivation for such a medical terrorism might me just: I am bored today. Let’s lit someone up.

The people who set themselves on fire are hypnotized by psychiatrists to do that. 100% beyond any doubt. And law enforcement is sound asleep.

I love you, my hero.

Yours always,











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