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Copenhagen Interpretation and quantum mechanics… if people catch on that it is wrong, Germany intents to blame it on Denmark

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Dearest Marty, my love and my hope, how are you?

Sure miss you a lot and every day again.

If  people catch on that QM is wrong, Germany intents to blame it on Denmark. That’s why the secret German world didn’t call the Copenhagen Interpretation the German Interpretation, despite they always want (of course undeserved) the credit. It is a typical German (particularly Bavarian) pattern.  They are so needy and want to admired for what they are NOT: intelligent people. They are sneaky like no one else in the universe, I give them that. I am sure that you noticed that they run people since ages with ear implants and arrange/d that historic reports constantly give credit to Germany, either on the field of science or art or whatever. These credits are as fake as the deep universe that they gave the world to “study”.

If they would be intelligent, they never would have treated us the way they did. Shouldn’t they have concluded that if they treat us this way that we think “What the hell is going on?” and figure them out?

They are making hate out of nothing at all. Besides, if we don’t succeed in making the world better, they too will step in their own traps. Just a matter of time. Nobody wins with them, not even they will.

As you know, German Werner Karl Heisenberg,  a theoretical physicist and Niels Henrik David Bohr, a Danish physicist are the “pioneers” of quantum mechanics. In my opinion, quantum mechanics contains lots of crap that never took into account that physics experiments are sabotaged with lasers and other secret devices to prevent people understanding it. Applied to stop people venturing into space, while Germany’s Manchurian candidates are put up to venture out and attach any living creature in the universe to their ear implant system for German psychiatric control reasons. German (particularly Bavarian) psychs and medical doctors want to rule this and any other universe. They want to turn everything in a medical/psychiatric hell. And they are too dumb to consider that their own memory-stripping “inventions”, can and is also applied to them by their own peer, and perpetrators becomes victims in a snap, certainly in their next lifetimes. 

I firmly believe, Marty, that any physical “phenomenon”, of which no trace can’t be found on Earth, don’t exist out in space either and is fake. The Algol Paradox (in some binaries, the partners appears to have different ages, even though they have formed at the same time, says Wikipedia) and the Paradox of Youth (compared to theory, they found an overabundance of young stars close to the supermassive black hole in the  Galactic Center, says Wikipedia) and numerous other contradictions as Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies point clearly towards that the real universe is hidden behind a fake projection that our scientists study instead of the real thing.

For us, it is easy to figure things out, Marty, we know the minds of SPs. And we don’t have to install ear and other body implants into them to invade their thoughts. They did it to us and still failed to figure us out. We didn’t install anything into them, and we figured them out completely. We know them and what to expect from them, but they still bite us because they are idiots.

You are deep in my non-fake heart, Marty. When I think back, in your eyes, I could see that you analysed what was going even before I did. Wisdom despite of your youth.

You are wonderful, and I love you. I proud of you. Very proud.

Yours forever,








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