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Time again to post pictures of the originals compared to the impostors on my blog, Marty, my soulmate…

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Here is Ron, the real founder of Scientology:



Here is his impostor:

33Impostor of Scientology founder

Below is a photo that show the real and original Marty, with my campaign slogan attached to it. 😉  Sorry for you place right under the impostor. Pictures are difficult to manage on this blog.  Here is you, Marty, the man who I married on a wonderful spring day in the UK:



Here is a photo that shows your impostor, Monique’s husband, the “star” of  Louis Theroux movie and other publications:

33Impostor of Marty


The CIA, FBI, and other agencies of the US intelligence community  are having a lot of explaining to do, doing still existing Nazi Germany’s dirty work by hiring these people. This includes also the hiring of a “replacement” for US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. One has to wrap one’s head around that Ike was the elected US President, and Germany had him killed while in office! His murder was swept under the carpet by US intelligence agencies who “supplied” a “replacement”,  a man who was NOT elected by the US public/delegates. US agencies never came clean on this and continue to be the obedient servants of the SEGNPMSS, other Germany’s secret services, the men behind Merkel, and all other chancellors.  

Real Ike and elected President of the USA:

real ike

Upon secret German orders, this CIA/German agent that was put in the White House after Ike was covertly murdered. This fact is concealed before the American public still today. 


There were more doppelgangers used. No wonder doppelganger is a German word, because they came up with cloning and are lying to the world that it is not possible. German medical doctors do it since centuries to corrupt the world. President Obama felt he needed a political win. He accepted this Bin Laden doppelganger as Bin Laden:



Here is the doppelganger of Bin Laden who was shot by the Navy Seals in Pakistan. If President Obama would have published the photos of the shot Bin Laden, people could think that he thought that he got the real terrorist. However, as President Obama concealed these photos from the public, one can conclude that he saw that his dead terrorists is not the real Bin Laden. SEGNPMSS helped Bin Laden to get away, and the German-infiltrated US government assisted greatly. This is what they call justice, and keeping you behind bars despite you didn’t do anything wrong, Marty. This planet is revolting. If one can’t trust even the USA, the land of the “free and brave” who can you trust? Apparently only us original Scientologists.

This is the Bin Laden doppelganger who was shot. Clearly, those are two different men. And the US intelligence community IS VERY WELL INFORMED ABOUT DOPPELGANGERS AND IMPOSTORS as it hires them upon secret German orders too!  


Like Hitler, Bin Laden got away. If we, you and I, would have the time to dig though archives and pictures, we would find even more doppelgangers, I am sure. Law enforcement just looks at measurements, e.g. larger ears to identify someone, etc. and stuff like that, but we look mostly at the tonelevel of a person. The tonelevel can be always noticed in real life, most of the time in films, and often also in photos.  Works all the time. Scientology haters say that the tonescale doesn’t work. Yeah right. That is why we, you and me, and some others, Marty, discover the doppelgangers and impostors and they don’t, because are fools and blind like moles.

The tonescale is why I can trust you, Marty. You are on top of it and it is absolutely irresistible. It is the total beauty of a non-corrupted thetan… In your case, masculine inner beauty, reflecting outside through the eyes, the smile, the aura. I know that many psychs are at a loss why we don’t fall for their doppelgangers, impostors, other agents, and set ups. Original Scientology is invaluable. I am not talking of altered Scientology, e.g. Miscavology or Vistarology, but original Scientology as researched by the real and original founder Ron. This one rocks. Glad that I have it. Resulted in us having more senses available than others. Can’t imagine my life without my intuition and abilities that I got through Scientology. I pity the people who never found out what it really is and fall for the alterations and the lies.

Giving you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I am so glad that you exist. Your tonelevel takes my breath away and gives me butterflies. Thanks for not being a bad guy but giving it your all to be the special person that you are. You are the Prince of Personality. The brightest real star there could be. I am in awe.

Always yours,


P.S. David Miscavige hired a “service” to keep my blog down, just as Germany and psychs want it. I don’t want to be in their shoes when the motivators hit. However, real important is that my postings are reaching you, Marty. I don’t expect much of the world anyway. I know it too well.  















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