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Thousands of human-built mysterious caves found in Central Nepal… 155 foot above the valley floor!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero, how are you? I am thinking of you! And I worry about you.

I am rather busy these days, preparing my house for my visitors. The first one comes in a week from now. 

About these cages. Some have a small tunnel from above, others are dug from the side into the stone. Historians don’t know who built them and how those people were able to reach that height. I think they found human bones in some, but my intuition tells me that the main reason for building them was to prolong their lives and to get away from a really scary enemy. Some of the kind who turned also some Anasazi into cannibals. Manchurian candidates already back then. And the SPs who conditioned them. 

Marty, I have no time to follow the Olympics but the swimmer scandals has the degradation of the USA written all over it. I bet you think the same. The entire world is watching, the ideal situation for the SEGNPMSS to set something up that smears the reputation and the ethics presence of the USA. If people just were able to see. It comes easy to us…

I am sending you many tender and passionate kisses. Miss you more than I can say.

And I love you.

Yours always,


That is what happens to me. There is never a day when I don’t think of you, Marty. 






















An estimated 10,000 of these mysterious human-built caves have been found in the former Kingdom of Mustang in North, Central Nepal.


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