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Greedy Germany does not want to make amends for the mass murder of Black people in Africa (Germany acts as if Black lives don’t matter!)

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and Captain of my hearth,

Germany is the biggest hypocrite ever. It is true that the extermination of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire was genocide. However, what Germany is not saying is that their secret service p$ychs put these Turks up to it by running them through ear-implants with silent and loud sounds. Doesn’t makes the Ottoman innocent, but the instigator is Germany as it always was and is.  

Germany has more Holocausts under its blood-crusted rugs: More than  150,000 Herero and Nama were murdered by the order of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany (and the SEGNPMSS behind him) between 1904 and 1909. I am sure that you are aware of this.

To the Black people today who are feeling that white people treat them as if their lives don’t matter, I say that the German-controlled ear-implants (in any country) are the reason for it.    

Like Hitler, Wilhelm II seems psychiatric-conditioned to me, Marty. Some psychiatrists today label King Wilhelm II mentally ill, however, as always, psychiatrists cover up how they bring out the worst in people: hypnosis, e-shocks, implants, ear-implants, drugs, etc.  

Due to German forces, the Africans died from starvation and thirst in the desert.  Others were shot, hanged or died of abuse in concentration camps or elsewhere. German slave drivers!

Germany refuses to pay financial compensation for the African victims’ descendants, despite that they can’t sweep the Black Holocaust anymore under the rug. If the German government does want to pay for the damages it did, its “apology” does not mean anything!

This is from Wikipedia about the Black Holocaust:

Medical experiments and scientific racism[edit]

Prisoners were used for medical experiments and their illness or recoveries was used for research [63]

Experiments on live prisoners were made by Dr Bofinger, who injected Herero that were suffering from scurvy with various substances including arsenic and opium; afterwards he researched the effects of these substances via autopsy.[64]

Experimentation with dead body parts of the prisoners was rife. Zoologist Leopard Schultze noted taking “body parts from fresh native corpses” for which was according to him a “welcome addition”, and that he could use prisoners for that purpose.[65]

An estimated 3.000 skulls were sent to Germany for experimentation, in part from concentration camp prisoners.[66] In October 2011, after 3 years of talks, the first 20 of an estimated 300 skulls stored in the museum of the Charité were returned to Namibia for burial.[67][68] In 2014, 14 additional skulls were repatriated by the University of Freiburg.[69]

Wikipedia doesn’t, but I see clearly the SEGNPMSS behind it. Psychiatrists, the same monsters behind Hitler. And nobody brought them to justice as of today.


Also, Germany refused again to pay Greece the EUR 279 billion restitution. 300.000 Greeks died on starvation, the economy of Greece was completely destroyed by the Nazis, and the Italians who were put up by Germany to wear Greece down so that the Nazis have it easy to take Greece over. And today’s rich Germany does not want to pay restitution to Greece, which means that Germany still isn’t sorry what it did to the Greeks. And it didn’t stop there.  

The modern economy of Greece (like the one of the USA and other countries) is deliberately sabotaged with German-controlled psychiatric loud and silent sounds. In order to become world power no. 1, Germany’s secret services are using ear implants to talk other nations out of improving their economies or producing good products while Germany’s economy is allowed to flourish and their products are not sabotaged. They are just bad when Germans thinks that they get away with it, e.g. Volkswagen. Merkel said that the VW scandal will not define Germany… Sure not, as all are minds on the planet are run by the SEGNPMSS… They will make sure that Germany can do as it pleases; it always will be forgiven by the mind-controlled planet. Argh! Despite everything it did and does, ear-implants is why Germany continues to be on top and all others below, way below.

A Nazi party in Greece is getting many votes. Another way how Germany infiltrates Greece currently is to turn Greece into becoming  and staying German-obedient. Heil ear-implants! Heil p$ychs! 

I love you, Marty. 

I would give my life up in a heartbeat if I would be in yours. Together (and not just on “borrowed” time) is the only place I will ever accept.  

Forever yours!







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