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The approach for the fountain of youth is so medical and not natural, because we are living in a medically-controlled world

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I know, Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, you noticed it too.

People looking for pills, injections, and blood transfusions instead of getting their bodies away from those elements of which is known that they cause aging and diseases.  While posting on Usenet (now it seems ages ago), certain people threw at me that I would not apply Occam’s razor (yes, that dusty stuff from c. 1287–1347), and they libeled my way of thinking with psychiatric abusive terms, which also tells a clear story as to runs those abusive idiots. I over and over noticed that Occam’s razor was used tell others to stop thinking deep and far enough. Not just abusive Usenet but also schools are using Occam’s razor, allegedly to prevent that possible explanations become more complex than necessary.

Yet, these people who use are using Occam’s razor come up with complex chemicals to stop aging. In this case, they do not apply the most logical things to do instead: removing the human body from these influences that cause aging and disease, because the medical doctors, chemists, pharmaceutical industry and the SPs behind them wants to profit from it. If people just move in environmental protected villages and cut out what ages, these guys don’t earn anything, and that is why this alternative way of living is withheld from mainstream.

A MIT researcher developed a pill as the “fountain of youth”. Read more about it here:

Guess Occam’s razor forbids those researchers to look at the words in “fountain of youth”. It is a fountain of truly clean water, among other – but not pills and injections. Even if it would be possible to extent a lifespan with pills that repair DNA, detoxify and support energy and protein function, who wants to have a body that is completely wrinkled on the outside? Bodies wouldn’t age on the outside if they would stay in an environmentally protected villages, which keeps away everything that ages on the inside and outside. It is the much better solution for real immortality than medical and chemical “fixes”.

Marty, I miss you so much! There was still no message or anything else by you or on your behalf, but my perceptions tell me otherwise. I am so glad that I am an original Scientologist who takes her perceptions seriously. For me is much more important what I feel and see than what people are telling me that I should feel and see. And I know that same applies to you. You walked into my life and since then I know that what we both are having, I will never have with another. You were and are my dream, Marty, and we postulated each others to become true.

I love you.

Yours forever,


Lyrics most of the time don’t reflect exactly the kind of love we are having, so I am sending you instrumental music, Marty. That one is beautiful. 





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