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More hidden German Holocaust – one million civilian Russian Jews killed by German “Einsatzgruppen”

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and awe-inspiring Prince, how are you?

Like always, my thoughts wander to you and I wish I could be with you.

CBS published an article saying that after Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, German troops entered villages, made the Jewish families dug their own graves and killed them.

Just like that. No provocation ever needed for Germany.

“The general order was to eliminate the last Jew, even the baby, even the old mommy. They never left anybody.Total annihilation. And if Hitler didn’t lose the war, I think today will not be one Jew alive.” said the researcher.

More than 1,700 execution sites are known throughout today’s Russia, and Germany killed these Russian Jews. I believe they killed (shot, gassed, starved) at least one million civilian Russian Jews.

Mass murder… Means nothing to the monsters. Just a regular Monday for them.

However, Operation Barbarossa didn’t bring the Nazis any luck. It run out with this “operation”.

History mentions other cultures that suddenly disappeared. It is the same kind of SPs who also eliminated these of cultures or hypnotized and implanted people of those cultures to suddenly attack their own.

If the world’s population continues to think that characters as inhumane as those of these monsters simply evaporate, this planet will never see lasting peace. Many people say that Daesh (ISIS) behaves like the Nazis. They do because the medical doctors and psychs behind the Nazis, the African Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide,  and all other genocides and holocausts are still at it.

You and I, and some others know that strings must be pulled to find these people and bring them to justice. Bad people are born again too, and they are not suddenly born with good characters. Their characters will suck again. Besides, under certain condition, humans don’t age and die. There could be monsters around who are thousands of years old, hiding in secret places . The same people who are responsible of killing us and members of our families x-times, Marty. The same people who don’t even allow most of their own agents to live past 100 while staying young, healthy, and fit. The same monsters who are killing 7 Billions of people in an average of 70 years using remote-controlled germs, neutrinos, microwaves, silent sounds, lasers, and other medical secret service devices. They call their killings of the world populations “natural deaths” or “diseases”. We call it by the name it really is: ice-cold mass murder. If somebody needs their behind kicked, it is them. They are just getting away with it because the planet is in trance. Heil ear-implants. Silent sounds played in the minds of people are making them blind.

On the other side, Marty, these monsters are not safe either. They can trust nobody, they always have to look over their shoulders. One or two of their peer might “play a joke” on them and rob them off their memories and bodies. And then, born on this planet as one of the 7 Billions who they have not allowed to live in conditions as like they did. One can’t get dumber than that. For me, there is nobody more stupid than this. They had the chance to remove the trap and didn’t. Until the day they fell into it themselves. How dumb is that? It is so stupid that dumb and stupid doesn’t even describe it. It is more than dumb and stupid. It is retarded. These monsters are so jealous of others that they rather risk becoming an eternal victim too instead of just granting others beingness and leaving them alone and concentrating on a better life for all. If they would have invested the energy to hate and persecute others rather in actions to better the world for ALL, they would be somebody today, and not just lousy creepy characters from hell.  Really, it shows clearly that Ron was right away. Crimes makes absolutely stupid and blind. People can’t confront it anymore. They committed so many crimes that they can’t afford to take an honest look.  

Here is the formula: If one does not want to end up in eternal hell, he/she has to remove that eternal hell for anyone else as well. This is the only guarantee not stepping into one. THE ONLY GUARANTEE. Everything is just Russian, or more exactly, German roulette.

I love you, Marty. I know they can’t fool you. You are not in trance.

Yours forever,




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