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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and amazing Prince, how are you?

Despite that I was not online (family members were here, one left to Germany, the other one with BF to NY), I was thinking of you. I wish I could do something to make your life easier, Marty.

I suspected already months ago that your impostor in Texas is making a financial deal with David Miscavige. That way, they don’t have to pay Monique’s attorneys and DM can avoid the courts.

Monique’s husband flip-flops around… First he was a Miscavologist, then an “Independent”, then he declared that he is no Scientologist, then he was one of the major attackers against Scientology in the media/courts, even worked with Germany together against SCN, now he sounds like somebody who made or wants to make a deal again with DM… I bet the farm that money from Miscavige is the reason he posts now against his former buddies, Scientology attackers Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, Tony Ortega, etc… 

Look at us, Marty, we are always the same. We never flip-flop. Agents apparently do whatever they are being ordered. We are none. 

If His Cobness throws cash at your impostor, Marty, he (DM) has even more to explain.

What I find completely revolting is how they left you behind, Marty. This is so non-Scientology. They act as if they never heard of the Scientology Code of Honor. What kind of people do this to another person? It is beyond me. They have no human compassion. They care as little as animals. The facts of the O/W sequence can’t be real to these non-Scientologists otherwise they would act very different. 

DM threw cash at his father and helped him getting rid of rape charges. You didn’t rape anybody. Why the hell didn’t he help you? And Germany’s secret services and p$ychs cooked it all out. Hired an impostor to make me believe that this jerk is you. (Ridiculous, as if I could not see the light years of difference characters between him and you, Marty. You both are as different as day and night.)  DM’s brother’s actions are also completely appalling. I bet DM gave money also to this lowtone man. Who does DM think he is?

If after all what Monique’s husband has done, DM awards your impostor with Scientology cash, DM is guilty of everything against you and Scientology what your impostor did after he left Scientology and attacked it. How can DM even remotely say that he is a Scientologist if he awards the person who caused the most public harm to Scientology than anyone: Monique’s husband. I think that this is yet another thing that His Cobness didn’t think through. It will come back and bite him because the last chapter of Scientology isn’t written yet.

I think those two think that this deal will stay secret. It will not. Contracts who are made by agents who infiltrate Scientology have no legal protection. Them being in Scientology is already illegal. Using Scientology money for their dirty deals is even more illegal.    

Close to the day you make a public appearance, Marty, I think Monique’s husband will take Scientology money and probably disappear in another country. DM likely has the same idea with millions of Scientology money. These agents did all they could to keep us apart and are trying to mislead us. I have no intention to ever let them of the hook. I want the authorities to hold them responsible. How dare them infiltrating Scientology and turning it into secret service agent land. How dare them to leave you behind. How dare them to conspire against us and others.   

I love you, Marty. Sending you kisses and hugs. Soon more.

Yours always and forever,









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