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Who is afraid of the Multiverse? Not us!

Dearest Marty, my very special soulmate,

I have a clue what you do for me, but I never thought that getting back together with you would take a lifetime. This it was and this it is. There is no sugar-coating: Germany, their secret service psychs, and their international agents stole our lives. Can they spell monsters? 

If there is a way for a deal to get your freedom so that you can get a better life in your village for your personally, Marty, please go for it. It is not right that you waste your life in order to save mine. One part in me still hopes to see you in this lifetime again, but another part of mine is planning to see you in a much better universe, far away and not accessible for the snakes of this universe. 

It feels sometimes at my end as if they use your sense for responsibility and love as chance to make your life a living hell and that you could have it much better if you finally would think about yourself for a change, even if it would mean that they would end mine. I would never hold it against you, Marty. You did so much more than anyone for me. I don’t feel much different from when I was younger but I don’t like ANYTHING about aging anyway to say it mildly. And I am not afraid of dying or death. 

The most important lesson that I had in this lifetime is that if one picks up a body in a snake-pit, one will be bitten. I don’t blame any good person, like you or Ron, but I blame myself for having taken a human body on planet Earth, Marty. I should have known better that this means nothing but hell in this German/psychiatric universe. That is what I asked myself a thousand times: why was a so blind not to figure in advance that Germany, its psychs, medical doctors, Nazis, and their international agents never would grant my right to grow up happily with Ron, in our village and be married to you? One small buy significant mistake and a lifetime of very painful consequences.

Therefore, as a very burned child, I of course, can’t come back as a baby, once this body is medically or otherwise murdered by the SEGNPMSS. I can’t and will not go through anything as this lifetime again. Also, despite new abuse, what if I can’t figure next lifetime what I figured in this?  Who knows what is left of Scientology in a few years, considering that agents and non-Scientologists took it over. I can’t and will not risk this. 

For me are these two options, Marty: either I stay without body just as thetan or I look for another universe (not just another planet) because they are there already. One which they can’t enter.  You and I, and the few people who are deserving, can be happy there. Means also getting rid of the theta body as they can and will trace that cloudy orb body. 

Heading for a different universe, may it exist or not yet be created (no science fiction, imo, many physicists speak of a multiverse) and leaving our torturer and their also despicable international agents behind feels good and right. They all know that they should not deny good people their rights. They do it nevertheless to us. So, why not disconnecting from them? They can stay among themselves and can make their own lives to hell for all I care. That is anyway what they deserve. Each other. But we don’t have to be in this universe when the OW sequence hits them horribly, because we don’t deny other people’s rights.

Of course I thought about them following us to another universe and turning also that against us. But what if this huge physical universe IS WITHIN A BEING who has the awareness of not to let anyone rotten in? A dimension they can’t find? They wouldn’t get a chance in hell to ever trace us, Marty. Do you understand what I mean? What if universes can be in a being that simply stretches out and makes so space for a big universe?

I got this idea by looking at plants. Did a capable being stretch out and allowed the vegetation in this universe? Plants show reactions like a thetan. The mimosa pudica even lose consciousness when put under anesthetic, like a being. Another thought of mine: what if that being loses patience with the notorious monsters and pulls out? That could mean that despite careful plant propagation, all vegetation on this planet and in this universe could fail. Science doesn’t even know what the life in the plants is. Imagine this, Marty, a universe full with monsters and suddenly nothing grows anymore. I bet the farm that SPs never thought of that.

They take everything for granted and grant nothing to us.         

They can’t let others live in peace, and we want to live in peace. Notorious bad people and notorious good people should not be in one universe as the good people have to suffer. If they want to continue being monsters, okay, but I don’t see why we should be around.  

I can feel a supreme being out there and his love for us. He will help us to another universe. We don’t need this one. Why shouldn’t we finally go in one in which we are no second class citizens? This planet and this universe, the entire way of life, the medical/psychiatric world sucks. May those stay here who want to belong to the pig stable, but I don’t want to belong to it. Conspiring and abusing people are not my kind. You are, Marty.  

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,





Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 18, 2016 at 3:14 pm

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