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People support a system that can turn any moment also against them – but they don’t want to see it, until too late

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Still no message whatsoever was delivered on your behalf. My intuition tells me that if all mail to me that you asked your representatives to forward to me through the years would be finally delivered, it could fill up Time Square.

One can pick people of any nationality at random and one thing is always sure: when their case officers (not a person but supercomputer) tells them through their psychiatric invention from hell, the ear-implants to be corrupt and violate our rights, they will not hesitate to do so and conspire against us. “Friends”, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, doctors, officials, judges, strangers, so-called religious people and atheists, you name it. And they have the guts to call us original Scientologists cultists! What an hypocrisy.

The craziest thing is that they keep this ear-implant system alive that also conspires against them. I have seen it over and over: people with ear-implants conspire against their own peer. So, instead of creating a world in which honesty instead of secrecy rules, they support the ear-implant system and become victims too. They just can’t handle the truth. Until it is too late. Also for them.

This applies to the front agents as well to the top monsters of this system. Everyone loses, but the cowards are sticking their heads into the sand. Acting as it wouldn’t be the case. Lying that they don’t have ear implants. As if control-obsessed German psychs would allow this. I know them. Psychs, particularly German psychs don’t rest if they have not just about anyone on a string and can’t control anyone. It would drive them even more nuts as they already are if people would be unattached and uncontrolled.

Anyone will be hit but them, they think. What a bunch of idiots. They will step into the traps they laid out for others. Today on top, tomorrow deep, deep down. And they will never get up again. For all lifetimes to come. With their system of secrecy, it is so easy to be shot down and to find ear-implant carriers to cover it up. Our world that these morons fight would grant anyone rights. Their world denies rights to all even to their own. They are so bad and can’t figure that they are not the only people who are capable of horrible acts and that with the role of a dice not just good people will become the victims of  this system but they too.

In order to prevent stepping into their own trap, they also have to remove all traps for anyone else. Imagine not having the IQ and courage to see this. Imagine not having the IQ and courage wanting to change this. These are no blessed people. Their minds are very dirty but empty shells. I also think that they have some subconscious a death wish, otherwise they would behave a lot smarter and a lot more pro survival.        

You are deep in my heart, Marty. I love you.


If it would control the world, I would be home, where I belong, a very long time ago, Marty. And you too, if I would hold the steering wheel. 


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