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Snakes rule this world – that is why the life-extension movement is so medical instead of preventative by means of humans living in the proper preventative habitat

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent soulmate and husband,

Whenever I check the “longevity or immortality  movement”, I notice how medical their approaches are. It is medical because doctors and psychs control our thinking and lives. Many people of the longevity movement currently think that humans can live at least 1000 years and longer with the same body. Anyone who thinks that a human body can be kept indefinitely is correct, but I don’t agree on how they want to archive it: with medical procedures, pills, injections, you name it.

Google founders, Paypal founder, and many more want to defeat aging. I applaud that, but the approach should be living in preventative habitats and nutrition and not medical repairs. 

Most people know that aging is caused by approx. 7 broadly know culprits. Yet, instead of building villages that keep out those culprits, the current longevity movement tells us to go to the doctor for medical shots, pills, other drugs, chemicals, and so on, for longevity. In their minds apparently, the habitats in which today’s people live don’t needs to be changed.  They think, people just need medical “maintenance” or someone has to develop another drug and all is fine.  

However, in a world that is ruled by ear implants, whispers, plots, and conspiracies, just a few rotten guys are necessary to order the contamination or ineffectiveness of such drugs, etc. And then we have death again.

Aging starts already at 25 years. Governments, health departments, and doctors failed completely by not having done the right trials and studies on longevity through the creation of appropriate habitats that cut out those approx. 7 culprits of aging, habitats that prevent the need of medical repairs. If those habitats would go up, medical doctors and the pharma industry would make less cash. That points clearly towards those who do not want those habitats for the world population. 

Even in case those maintenance injections and drugs are not sabotaged by anyone, as a woman, I don’t want to look 1000 years on the outside even if my body still works on the inside. I want the 20 (without mustache 😉 forever, not the 120 plus.  I want the preventative habitat instead of the injections and the drugs. I bet you too, Marty.

Be kissed my hero. I love you.

Yours always,




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