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Did the pre-Inca built underground to prevent aging?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

It appears to me that not many people know that the Inca inherited from earlier advanced architects. In another posting, I posted pictures about the different building styles of the Spaniards, Inca, and the mysterious and hushed up megalithic architects who were there before the Inca and likely started Machu Picchu above and underground, the village high in the Andes Mountains/Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. 

Why Machu Piccu was built and for what reason is still a mystery to most researchers.

Today, researchers assume that approx. 60% of Machu Picchi is UNDERGROUND. They discovered new chambers, doors, and routes. To me is clear that the location high up in the Andes was chosen for defense reasons. If evil people come to visit, ropes are cut and if they can’t fly, there have a big problem to invade. 

Monsterous evil started SUDDENLY on Earth, thousands of years ago and suddenly wiped out so many civilizations over and over again. That they were/are here and what they did is still mostly covered up in our modern days. Which means, these invaders didn’t leave Earth.

The Pre-Inca carvings deep into the stone probably also served another reason but safety. I think that the pre-Inca knew that living on the unprotected surface of the Earth makes them age and building habitats mainly underground protects a lot better than any sunscreen cream.

It wasn’t easy what the Pre-Inca did as the stone that they cut was tons of heavy granite. Even today difficult to cut. It is being said that they used no draft animals, iron tools, or wheels to handle these tons heavy stones and prepared them so artistically. As far as I know, no old instruments were found. Stolen? Kept from the world? Or never existed as lifted and cut through willpower? 




To me, it is constantly the same process all over the world, Marty. The original is awesome (as also Scientology) and suddenly, changes are introduced and it is no longer that great (as altered Scientology).


My thoughts are with you, Marty. I love you. Keep up surviving. I am very proud of you.

Yours for all eternity.




Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 24, 2016 at 4:07 am

Posted in Scientology

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