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A Pope’s nonsense

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

The Pope visited German concentration camp Auschwitz earlier this year, and he begged God to forgive “so much cruelty”. Can you believe it? He wrote that in a “guest” book. 

If God forgives crimes, particularly atrocities, it would mean that crimes and atrocities pays. Those who committed the “so much cruelty” are born again and do the same thing all over again if not corrected. And even if they wouldn’t come back with a body of flesh, they still need to be corrected as beings and not forgiven. 

That goes also for pedophiles who make me nauseated if I just think of them.

Unlike the pope, I asked God not to forgive them but to correct the monsters. SPs need to learn lessons that they never forget in all eternity. They need penalties that make their disgusting heads spin. This is the only way to get a message through these retarded and gruesome SP skulls. They have to make the damage up again to EACH PERSON they ever harmed. Only until the last person they harmed does not feel anger anymore thinking of them, they can even dare to ask for forgiveness. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, it might take an eternity. It is sure better not to commit any crimes in the first place.

And they need to be educated on how to behave like humans and examined over and over on that they really understood it finally. If they don’t want this but to continue to behave like animals, the only other place for them is the zoo behind bars but not free among humans! 

Turning the other cheek to them means that the abuse continues.

Let’s assume to be Christians who forgot that the facts of past lives were once part of Christianity. They think that people die and go to heaven where they live in paradise. If God forgives the Nazis, pedos, gruesome doctors and psychs, and other people who do not behave like humans, they – according to Christianity – won’t go to hell but to heaven, right? That means that paradise would be riddled with the most horrible SPs ever who were not corrected just forgiven. That spoils the idea of paradise for me completely, Marty. I don’t want to have these monsters around me. Paradise would be no longer attractive to me  because that would mean that paradise would become hell. God is love but sure as hell ain’t stupid.   

By messing with us, they sure messed with the wrong people, Marty, we never let them off the hook. Never. They want the easy way out. They want to be forgiven, of course. They commit horrible crimes, and we should just forget about them. Too bad for them that we are not dumb as they hope people are.

They ask for it, they should get the correction. And I mean real correction. They need to regret deeply what they did. And not just saying it. Who is easy on a monster is a fool.

Be kissed a millions of times. You are my hero, Marty, keep on surviving in that concentration camp in which you suffer for having committed no crime. I’ll be here for you, come rain or shine.

Yours always and forever,



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