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25,000 prehistoric sites (!) in Eastern Oklahoma

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Dearest Marty, my hero and Prince extraordinaire,

My thoughts always come back to you. And I ask myself how you are. You are my soulmate and nobody can change it. It is a fact. And you are also the love of my life.

When thinking about the history of North America, I always feel that so much was never disclosed, Marty.

Now I came across an interesting article in the Tulsa World. (See link below.) It says that archaeologists have barely scratched the surface for ancient artifacts in Oklahoma. And most people think that North America has not much history except cowboys and Indians. Rarely anyone knows of the mysterious mound builders in North America. Their methods of  building mounds (any why they built them) and them trading all over America and apparently also around the world is fascinating. 

I bet you know that Spiro is an archaeological site in East Oklahoma and belonged to the mound builders, which date back to A.D. 800.

Most European settlers who came to the United States apparently didn’t value the history of North America and destroyed and sold a lot of their artifacts to other countries and private individuals.

There could be however still 25,000 prehistoric sites (!) in the Eastern Oklahoma on the south bank of the Arkansas River, says below article. 25,000 sites!!!!

And the German-controlled state and federal US government and also tribal governments don’t excavate those. What a shame. It means that the USA stays the country of junk food, coke, and plastic. Thank you very much.

Successful civilizations are destroyed by SPs. Jealousy. That happened for sure also to the Mound Builders. 

Have a look:

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,



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