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If Scientology’s alleged takeover of the world is so boring as Tony Ortega says, why is he obsessed with writing about it?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

Tony Ortega sure is contradictory. He scribbles every day against Scientology, but at the same time says that Scientology’s plans to take over the world would bore them (he and his secret case officers, I guess) to death. If it is so boring, why doesn’t he simply leave it alone and dedicate his time towards something worthwhile for a change? As if the world hasn’t enough problems that truly need attention.

Also, original Scientology had no intention to take over the world, which Ortega either never figured or conceals. It always wanted to educate the world as to that each person can have a MUCH better life if he or she thinks for herself and himself and instead of doing what the crazy doctor orders through ear implants. As you know, Marty, original Scientology wants people to think for themselves and not let their case officers and mind-controllers do the thinking for them. Nuts psychiatrists are still thinking that it is “dangerous” to allow people their free thoughts. Yeah, dangerous to their mind control, that is. 

X-times, Tony Ortega misinformed his readers by not revealing that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by a secret service dupe/doppelganger and that same was/is done to you, Marty. But so does Steve Cannane, Louis Theroux, Alex Gibney, Janet Reitman and so many more. If not all minds would be controlled by the same psychiatric force, some investigative reporters would have reported about the elephants in the room: Scientology overtaken and altered by agents and impostors, and the monsters behind Germany running them and using the CIA, other government’s secret services and their psychs to mind-control the world.


You heard it before from me, Marty. But I can’t help myself sometimes. This robotism creeps me out. People should think for themselves. They real Ron did it, otherwise original Scientology would be never written.  

Time goes by and by and we are still separated because the SEGNPMSS runs all through ear implants. People are so robotic. One day, the table will turn, and they will ask for early release, parole, forgiveness, etc. And all I will think is that their conspiracy kept us apart for a lifetime or even longer. And we should hurry getting them out of their own mess after the table have turned? No hurry then either. They all need a dose of their own medicine.

This is an interesting saying, isn’t it? The secret service doctors sure gave us very bitter meds to drink by perverting the entire world against us. We couldn’t live with that kind of conscience, Marty, but they numb their bad conscience by looking at their own characters and by suppressing their conscience with antidepressants, e-shocks, and booze, etc.  

Sometimes I find myself thinking about the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” with Jim Carey and Kate Winslet. In the movie, they voluntarily removed knowledge from their minds to make themselves feel better instead of changing their bad behaviors. I suspect that numerous of those secret service psychs who keep us apart and commit high crimes and atrocities also against others do similar things to forget their own rap sheet and to feel “better” about themselves. Memory can be removed with psychiatric methods as we know, but it can’t be removed from the thetan. If they like it or not, their crimes are tattooed to their beings even with removed memory. In other words, they still have horrible characters and personalities even if they don’t remember their own atrocities and disgusting crimes anymore. Characters and personalities which we don’t want to have for anything in the world,   

Recently, I asked myself if all of that made me bitter. I screened my inner self and came to the conclusion that I am of course anything  but happy about how we are treated, Marty, but despite all of it, I am not bitter. But I am DECISIVE about the future. I will put my foot down. Messing with us won’t bless any of the people who conspire and plot against us. I made calmly a postulate that the criminals won’t get away as we don’t let them, might we dead or alive. And the rest will be become history. A good postulate of a thetan that doesn’t waiver is stronger than their supercomputers.


And did you had a chance to read the news today? The media reported that Trump had a $916 million loss in business didn’t pay taxes for the following 18 years. Okay, not many people like paying taxes, and I am convinced that taxes for everyone can be cut drastically when the USA doesn’t  busts the ear-implant system and doesn’t allows the men behind Germany anymore to set it up constantly and maneuver it into very expensive situations. But Rudy Giuliani said something like that Donald Trump is a genius for not having paid federal taxes for almost two decades. Good grief! Isn’t that sending a message to anyone that not paying federal taxes is genius? How many people plan not paying federal taxes after they hear this statement and think that they will get away with it like Trump? Giuliani doesn’t even know what genius means. He and Trump sure are none.

Thanks for being you, Marty, I love you more than I can express. Seeing you again would be heaven for me. I loved you the day I saw you, and nothing has changed. The same feeling is still there and lives on forever.







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