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“My Scientology Movie” by Louis Theroux is most the BORING production ever!

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince and awesome husband and soulmate,

How are your days and nights? I’d give anything to know for sure.

I wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life to watch Louis Theroux’s “My Scientology Movie”. It is mainly about him sitting in a car driving around LA and your impostor or a former Scientology infiltrator or an actor sitting next to him having conversations, which are as boring as they are dishonest.  

Hard to believe that the BBC (which also aired one of my favorite TV series “Merlin”) didn’t get that this movie is rubbish. “My Scientology Movie” by Louis Theroux is not truthful, has no substance, is incoherent, confusing, unedited, BBBBBOOOOORRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGG and doesn’t break any news. It is not about anything that wasn’t broadcasted x times before by others. The re-enactment was stupid too. Waste of any actor’s talent. No differentiation was made between real original Scientology technology and the crap that Vistarology and Miscavology added to it.

It is sort of  Louis Theroux longing to be in Scientology and finding nobody but your impostor and his very own dramatizations. But that isn’t Scientology. That is agent crap.

Original TR bullbaiting wasn’t about screaming at somebody or scaring somebody. Those are some of the crashing MU’s of Monique’s husband. He still flies off the handle when one is pushing his buttons just gently. In the movie, your impostor trashes Scientology and the founder. Right now, he seems to be rather Miscavology friendly, probably because Monique fired her attorneys and they think they don’t have to pay them if he instead her are settling with Miscavige for who knows what. Miscavige is known for throwing money at non-Scientologists who rip Scientology. What an agent is he.      

Louis Theroux’s movie, directed by John Dower,  failed (just as ANY other documentary as Going Clear of Alex Gibney, etc.) to break the news (facts) that Scientology was hi-jacked by German-controlled secret services and infiltrated by their agents (CIA and other secret services apparently in cohort.) At the very end, Theroux mentioned Scientology being hi-jacked, but he blamed it on Scientology or the founder and not on Germany, the country that invented cults.

David Miscavige’s father and other of his family members are non-Scientologists. His father was abusive. There is where His Cobness saw it. Original Scientology is anything but abusive. If DM’s abuses took place (he and the Miscavologists are denying it), then there is where it is coming from. David Miscavige is no Scientologist. Neither was “Jack Vistaril” one, as you know, the man who died in 1986, the man who was the founder’s impostor. DM is pro Jack Vistaril (as he got Scientology from the impostor) but conspires against the real founder of Scientology.  

The climate in Scientology orgs was a lot friendlier than the average company I worked for in Germany. It wasn’t Miscavology back then. Nobody mentioned any Miscavige. David Miscavige was unknown back then. If the Sea Org got rude, then because the German psych vibe infiltrated the Sea Org. And wog (pardon my French) DM doesn’t get it and doesn’t want to get it.

And of course no word in Louis Theroux’s movie that Monique’s husband is not you, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology. Monique’s husband is an agent like Jack Vistaril was and his “star” is your impostor. Louis Theroux also filmed a photo of yours (not Monique’s husband) and informed his watchers that it is you. What a deception of the viewers.

Where are the investigative reporters who have eyes in their heads? Are only we original Scientologists capable to read personalities? When you and I are looking at a person, we SEE her personality. And when a doppelganger is hired by secret services (Doppelgänger is a German word, which should indicate also something), we see it right away, even on photographs, if it is the still the original or a doppelganger/impostor. Shouldn’t particularly investigative reporters, detective, and law enforcement have the same abilities?

All are all FOOLED and/or dishonest, but we are not.

If I would have paid to see Louis Theroux’s movie, I would demand my money back. 

Wonder also what happened to those in the Sea Org who wanted to make a movie on Louis Theroux. Did they fall asleep over Louis Theroux? 

Be kissed passionately and tenderly kissed, my darling.  

Yours for eternity,




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