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Psychiatrists, mindcontrol, and train (or other) crashes

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                                                           That is a train in India. Nobody wants to be on board if psychs use lasers or other psychiatric secret service devices and cut off the consciousness of a train’s engineer…  


Marty, my dearest, and most wonderful Prince ever,

I am here for you, I’ll stay with you because you are worth it. Home for me is not a house. Home is where the heart is. And that is with you, Marty, wherever you are. Home is the feeling that I am getting thinking of you.

This is about eight people dead and many injured in an Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia and now another train crash in Hobroken, NJ, with 1 person dead and many people injured.  

NTSB investigations came to following conclusion for the derailment in Philadelphia: the train’s engineer became distracted by radio transmissions and “lost situational awareness”. The engineer said that he had no recollection after leaving the station. It was ruled human error and not terrorism. As far as the Holbroken crash is concerned, it is being reported that the engineer also can’t remember the accident. The train was traveling double the allowed speed, and the engineer hit the brake less than a second before the crash. Both incidents appear to me caused by sabotaged consciousness.

The SEGNPMSS conditions Manchurian candidates in any country to commit atrocities. Psychiatrists most of the time are getting rid of the evidence (tampered minds) by having these people also conditioned into committing suicide after they carried out the monstrous act. These conditioned people are usually described by those who knew them as robotic or that they suddenly changed and became robotic.

However, I am convinced that psychs make also regular people lose consciousness at any time and place, e.g. when they are at the control of a vehicle or plane, etc. by switching off those people’s consciousness, e.g. with a laser, etc. That explains the “engineers suddenly blacked out conditions”.

If I would be an investigator, I would look into it. Were the concerned were psychiatric conditioned and implanted to cause these accidents? Or did someone with a psychiatric secret service device simply cut off their consciousness and had them act like automatically like in a dream. I would look for anything that was sent from outside (laser, commands, neutrinos, etc.) in those trains or the other means of transportation.  

Secret service psychs do this since ages already. It is NOT new.

The list of US and international transportation “accidents” is very long. Each one should be reviewed. Nobody will be safe if law enforcement does not go after the psychiatric and medical terrorists. 

I don’t see the NTSB nor any other agency or court investigating psychiatric terrorism, yet, this is what it is. P$ych control everyone with ear implants. That’s why nobody blows the whistle on them, until it is too late for those who should have blown the whistle on them.

Marty, I am so glad that you and I are hopeful romantics. (The expression hopeless romantics comes from someone who doesn’t want romance, and we know who it is. Otherwise they wouldn’t cite hopeless and romance in one sentence.) So, we are hopeful romantics, two soulmates who recognized each other and want to be together, no matter what. Can you imagine life in a disturbed universe like this without us having our love for each other? Drab and dreary!

Yours, my love!








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