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The men (I bet proud to be Germans too) behind Donald Trump are trying to break up the GOP

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent Prince and husband,

They wanted him and nobody else and particularly nobody decent and smart to become the Republican Candidate for US President. Here just a few reasons:

1) They want to shame the USA in the eyes of Americana and the world and want the USA involved in scandals

2) They want somebody who feels being German when being US President, someone who let Germany getting away with everything, particularly with becoming World Power no. 1 and bringing the Nazis officially back in Germany, Europe, USA, and the rest of the world

3) They want to break the GOP in parts so that it is no strong and big party anymore and so that it is even easier for Germany getting the USA under its medical and psychiatric thumb.

Secret breakups of strong opponents are one of the SEGNMSS’s specialties. In Europe, Germany had problems historically with a strong UK. As long as there is a strong UK, Germany can’t take over the EU officially that easily, particularly not with the raising new German national parties. However, with GB leaving the EU, they plan to split Ireland and also Scotland from England and attach it to the EU, so that Germany can take over and establish Hitler’s (the psychs behind him) dream of the Grossdeutsche Reich… Denn heute, da gehört uns Deutschland und morgen die ganze Welt (for today, Germany is ours and tomorrow, the whole world)…

On the front, the cowards behind Germany are using Russian hackers as Germany hides almost ever behind other nations. If their plans fail, others, and not Germany, should take the blame.

It is all so easy to figure out. The men behind Germany want to make the world believe that Germany produces the greatest thinkers. The men behind Germany are not intelligent, they are just sleazy dumb snakes.   

I know you can see it too. But how about others?

I love you so very much.

Yours forever,

P.S. Winter Sonata is a Korean Production about memory stolen by psych. 


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