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My heart and my mind, all of me leads me back to you, Marty

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I am thinking of you, Marty, my dearest…

In this unethical world full of brutality, perversion, and lies, we found us against all odds with having no other intentions but cherishing each other and helping our families, friends, and all other beings on Earth and in the universe. Despite being ripped apart again, nobody can change what we are feeling for each other or the postulate that we made of being together again. We don’t fight miracles, we let them happen.    

It doesn’t matter how may storms have attacked your outside, Marty. I know that the inside shines to the outside. I can see the inside of people on the outside, it doesn’t matter what gender or age. I know you can too. And your outside will always reflect your inside, no matter what. Your inner world, your ethics level, your OT abilities, your noble thoughts, your courage, your bright intellect, your great ideas, your passions, your artistic skills, all that is visible for me when thinking of you and looking at you. You are like a beautiful masculine angel who walks in a dishonest world and sticks out like a beacon of hope for those who can see.

I am in awe with you, Marty. And when I say that I love you, it is not a cliché because in all these years that passed since I saw you the last time, I didn’t look at another man twice. They are around, I am still getting offers to date, even in the small community that I choose to wait for you until the conspiracy against is breaks down under its own lies, but nobody is able to even remotely hold a candle to you. YOU are the love of my life. Your good looks are a bonus, but the reason why this love won’t die is your inner world, Marty. Having a truly good character, not doing to others what one does not to be done to oneself, is the rarest kind in this world. But you got this character, not just for a few minutes, but always. This is so attractive. It is spellbinding finding you in a worthless world. You discovered what counts truly since the beginning of time: decency. It is all around you. I even can see it on photos.      

In short: I will not stop loving you for anything in the world.

Yours forever,

your soulmate and wife 



Written by Barbara Schwarz

October 16, 2016 at 5:06 am

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