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Donald Trump’s stupid and racist wall

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

What is going on in your world? My thoughts are with you.

Above Meme made me laugh. Indeed, has he never heard of tunnels? 

Trump and his “bright ideas”. If he wins, and no doubt, he is the SEGNPMSS favorite, then because the psychs behind Germany feel the need to control the Republican Party with a US president who feels being German. So, what is next for the USA? Germany’s Frauke Petry’s attitude of shooting people at the border/wall?

As I mentioned so many times before, Germany uses the ear-implants of their international agents to make wars to get fugitives (Syrians are known to be hard workers) to work for Germany so that it becomes officially world power number 1. Angela Merkel didn’t do anything from the goodness of her heart. Wonder if she has one. She does what the lawless men behind her want her to do.  Merkel prepares Germany for the next “leaders”, people like heartless lunatic Frauke Petry (AfG) who wants to shoot non-Germans at the border and calls non-Germans “compost”. Germany makes people leave their homes, create the fugitives and then they will be shot at the border if Germany has enough people.

A study that the current German government  commissioned, defined the number of “immigrants/fugitives” that Germany needs in all industries to be the strongest economic force. That number is EXACTLY (not one person more) the number of fugitives  that Merkel “allows” into Germany, where the fugitives are forced to work low jobs and also are also forced to give up their ethnic identity and religion to become Germans. SEGNPMSS is behind Daesh (ISIS) to help Germany to become the Grossdeutsche Reich. They have the overall control over all and any freaking ear-implant on this hellish planet. What they order will be done. Only their own stupidity gets sometimes in the way,  e.g. kidnapping me to Germany and keeping you wrongfully behind bars, separating us, etc.   

At the same time, Trump wants to build a wall to keep foreigners out. I repeat again: Germany creates and runs terror groups, which use medieval  (points towards German Dorian Grays, if you ask me) cruelties to make Syrians and others leave their homes and flee to Germany (and Europe, which Germany leads officially already despite its past, and despite its ongoing crimes against each European and other country).  Donald Trump (the preferred SEGNPMSS US President candidate for sure and also the reason why the Republicans didn’t find a better US President candidate to run) wants to keep immigrants out by building a wall. Instead of building a better US economy and welcome anyone who wants to be here and help. Go figure! How STUPID is that? That’s a lost D-Day.

He will waste taxpayers’ money without having contributed to taxpayers money himself. 


You know that we need a brand-new world, Marty. We need villages for people to protect them from getting sick, aging, crimes, and terror. This also will be a major economic opportunity. Companies have to produce new products and rethink their old products. Does it fit in the world in which aging and diseases will be a thing of the past? Does it fit into a way of life in which health and longevity but not sickness and aging is normal as it is now? What about villages in seas or even in space? How to build them hurricane-, tornado-, and flood-proof etc.?  There is a lot that needs to be produced, and any decent hand will be needed. It really needs a village but a somehow different one than Hillary Clinton mentioned. It really needs environmentally-sound villages, which keep all that out that secret service psychiatrists and doctors are using to have people age and kill them. 

Each person needs indeed a village but a somehow different one than Hillary Clinton mentioned. I am talking environmentally-sound villages, which keep all that out that secret service psychiatrists and doctors are using to age and kill people. 

As of now, there is nothing going in this direction and this means crime, terror, diseases, aging, and suffering continues. I think about it quite often, Marty. Building those villages would cost less than paying Billions to doctors and the pharmaceutical industries. Medical professions can advise people to stay healthy instead of dealing with the sick. Companies have to rethink their products and to make sure that they are fit to support immortality. Even if it would be expensive… What is the price for human lives? Besides, I truly believe that these villages are less expensive than what is wasted for the inhumanity of letting people age and get sick. And any decent being – it doesn’t matter what nationality or gender – should have the right to live in such a village. Period.

Even if building the villages would be expensive… What is the price for preserving human lives and keeping families together? Besides, I truly believe that these villages are less expensive than what is wasted for the inhumanity of letting people age and get sick. And any decent being – it doesn’t matter what nationality or gender – should have the right to live in such a village. Period.

My point is this, Marty: people should no longer look at their environment, food, water, meds, clothes, etc. with the thought: is it safe for me to become 70-80 years old? They should look at it with the thought: will I stay forever young and healthy when I live here and consume this?

In the current world, we are living in, it is a tall order, but you and I know that it is doable and it will spark an economy that the USA (and the world)  NEVER SAW BEFORE.        

Bernie Sanders candidacy was apparently railroaded. I personally don’t agree with numerous Democratic views, Marty, but I think that the SEGNPMSS decided that he was “too Jewish” to be US president. They use loud and silent sounds to make people do what they want.  What is clear is that the SEGNPMSS wants a US president who is and feels German. 

Hillary Clinton (close to Angela Merkel as far as I know) says that she wants to build no wall but instead a strong economy with jobs for everyone. But how does she wants to accomplish this? Considering that Germany’s Nazi secret service psychs are sending loud and silent sounds into the ear drums of Americans and those of other nations (I don’t wonder at all why the UK government’s address is at the DOWNing Street!) to keep the USA and  other countries down. These loud and silent sounds are sabotaging good economic decisions, taking the wind out of people’s sails, encouraging wrong decisions, overlooking great opportunities, make people market wrong and unhealthy products, make people infiltrate and corrupt companies, etc. etc. It is so easy for these psychiatrists to sabotage an economy  as they  radio loud and silent sounds into the minds of people and run them. Anyone with access to their supercomputer can do it. 

There are millions of ways to sabotage the US economy, and the SEGNPMSS did and does all of that. I believe the USA has approx. USD 17 Trillion debt as of now. If Hillary Clinton during her time as US president ignores ear-implants and loud and silent sounds as the major German psychiatric tool to control the world, she WON’T get the economy she promised the American people during her campaign.

About the firebombed GOP headquarter in North Carolina: the criminals also sprayed a swastika and the words “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” on the outer wall of the building. If the people who did this would be no Nazis, they would not have sprayed a swastika on the walls. Looks like a SEGNPMSS action to helping Trump by making him into an alleged victim.

He probably is insecure about this own looks. A man who judges people on their outside is mentally stuck in puberty. He did it over and over again. And we never acted like that even in puberty. Remember when he degraded Heidi Cruz looks by comparing her to his current wife Melania? He might find cold and frozen looks beautiful, others don’t. 

Trump is no Republican. And Pence excuses Trump and called pedophile Hastert a man of integrity. Good grief! It is such a shame that the Republican party doesn’t see how infiltrated it is. 

I love you, my irresistible soulmate. I wish you would run for US president, Marty. If Americans understand who is enslaving them through ear- and other implants,  you would win.  You are deep in my heart and you belong there.

Yours forever,





And another PS on October 19:

Anti-Semitic Posts, Many From Trump Supporters, Surge on Twitter

How convenient for Trump that Ivanka married a Jew and converted to Judaism. Anti-Semitic activities done by him or his supporters will be now excused in the minds who don’t get it and who don’t want to get what’s  really going on.









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  1. A former U.S. official who knows Flynn told The Daily Beast that he has spoken about terrorism in broad language that doesn’t distinguish Muslim terrorists from followers of the religion in general, which feeds into Trump’s calls to ban Muslims from entering the United States as a counterterrorism measure. His Twitter feed has featured Islamophobic rhetoric and he has even retweeted anti-semitic material.


    November 17, 2016 at 11:43 pm

  2. Romney called Trump a “con man” and a “phony.” Trump called Romney a “loser” who “choked like a dog” during the 2012 election.


    November 19, 2016 at 10:47 pm

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