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You have the greatest and coolest eyes a man can have, Marty

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Did I ever tell you this?

They are… Well, I don’t think that I can describe them properly.

They are filled with passion and love but also with decency, and intelligence. Nobody else in the universe has your eyes. I look at people in real life or at a screen and while many have pretty eyes, nobody’s eyes top yours. They sparkle like torches with hope in a gloomy world. And they can speak without words. Nobody else but  you can communicate with just having the light in his eyes flicker and can warn of danger, declare passionate and tender love, or tell a beautiful story?     

There are no OTs say the Scientology attackers and the secret service psychs behind them. Yeah right! You are one. You operate with advanced abilities. Our love story wouldn’t be possible if we would be no OTs. 

And I am very proud of you, Marty. You are amazing.



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