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Infiltrators and psychiatric set ups

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, and Prince, how are you?

I mentioned it often: German secret service psychiatrists have shady characters, their agents, infiltrate and alter institutions to their liking. It happens to any organization that they feel could come one day after them. Once can see this by watching the United States government, the political parties, and also very so the Scientology organizations. Originally founded with noble ideas, but suddenly, they go astray. Ear implants and other psychiatric conditioning makes it possible.    

That a character like Donald Trump was elected as the GOP nominee for US president has psychiatric loud and silent sounds written all over it. Even if the women who accusing him of sexual misconduct made it all up (I don’t believe that it is all made up, but anyway), why is he on a photo with a female porn actress? Apparently, he had this kind of acquaintances.

If he is elected, the USA will be shamed and it will be even more German-oriented and not US-oriented in its actions. Trump says that the Russians are not behind secret actions against the USA, but he doesn’t tell the American people who is. Germany is, the men behind Merkel and any past and future chancellors are. Trump doesn’t speak about it. He feels his beloved secretive Germany is destroyed by immigrants. He doesn’t get (or doesn’t tell) that Germany even starts wars to get fugitives and cheap but hard workers to get ahead in the economy and at the same time use foreigners as justification to get Nazis back. He and Frauke Petry would make a “nice” pair. 

Although I bet that he is the SEGNPMSS favorite US candidate for US President, and despite all the ear implant support in people, Trump disqualifies himself in the eyes of so many by treating and considering women, foreigners, and disabled people 2nd class citizens. If Hillary wins, then because Trump is the worst candidate an infiltrated GOP could pick. Trump’s personality is so bad that he hands the election directly to Hillary.

Senator Elizabeth Warren thinks that “Nasty Woman” is a badge of honor. Trump said it, and she took it to new heights. She forwards Trump’s line and campaigns for the “nasty woman vote”. “Nasty women really had it with guys like you.” This is not how to get respect for women or the USA. I wouldn’t want her to campaign for me, Marty. I guess “good women vote”, “ethical woman vote”, and “honest woman vote” is out of the question. 

Hillary Clinton too supports Germany and the medical and psychiatric and pharmaceutical professions instead of a promoting a brand new way of life (for us it is not a brand-new life, Marty, we always walked this route and always were disrupted by the psychs and other medical monsters) that prevents that the medical- and psychiatric-oriented people can make big business by keeping from the world that they do not have to get sick, age, and die.  

Hillary’s disappearing e-mails are very suspicious to say the least. But so is Wikileaks and other “whistleblowers” by just publishing bad stuff to hit the USA and never Germany’s secret psychiatric international activities to turn mankind into their ear-implant robots.

In regards to Scientology, news reports say that Mark Lucian Feigin who also goes by the name Milosz, was arrested as he made terrorist threats against an Islamic Center. It seems that this man infiltrated the Scientology orgs in 2004 and made 3 courses in Scientology or/and was psychiatric-conditioned. Looks like his last course activity was in 2004, but hatemonger Tony Ortega is quick to brand him as “Scientologist”, although Feigin violates anything Scientology originally stands for with his actions. They found multiple weapons and hundreds of pounds of ammunition in his home. He is free on bail, which is creepy on behalf of the court and the police. 

SEGNPMSS sets people like Feigin up to ruin the reputation of Scientology and brand Scientology as violent. Non-Scientologists Jack Vistaril (Ron’s impostor throwing people overboard), bully Dave Miscavige, your impostor, and other former and current infiltrators did their parts already to help the psychs to alter Scientology and create a violent reputation of Scientology. It is all so transparent, at least for you and me, Marty, where everything is going in this German-controlled psychiatric world. I feel since many years that psychs want to set up the Scientology orgs with psych-conditioned people to conduct terror attacks and want to blame it on Scientology. Scientology orgs in the hands of non-Scientologists as DM, who also pays services to keep my blog down, are no people who think for themselves and have no OT abilities and will not stop a bad future.

Upon secret German-psychiatric orders, they took the both of us out, Marty. Fools they are.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed. Looks like everything is getting worse, but we stay the same. 

Yours always and forever,







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