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Corruption in governments is unfortunately real

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? You are always in my thoughts. I wish I would know how to make your life easier. 

As you know, the Clinton administration (although helpful to Miscavology but not real Scientology) conducted no lawful FOIA/PA searches to my requests. In 2001, the feds (including the FBI) came up with illegal ways to stop any FOIA/PA request of mine.

I felt strongly (thetan basically knows) that they are conspiring together against us and are lying to YOU, your family, your representatives, and me and do the dirty work for Germany to keep us deliberately separated and you wrongfully incarcerated. They have no conscience. Can they spell monsters?  

In view of the latest revelation that the FBI investigates emails related to Hillary Clinton, I am sure that the FBI just looks for an alibi not to look corrupt itself. 

The problems are these freking ear implants. SEGNPMSS psychs install them internationally already in the ear drums of children and make them to obedient robots.  Whoever sits on the control owns them. Even Nazi psychs. What a shame.

I love you, Marty.

Be kissed.

Yours always,





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