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Intriguing Longyou in China (9th World Wonder)

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Dearest Marty, my special soulmate,

I pray that my posting finds you well.

You know that I look at history rather in terms of people wanting to survive (just as today) than glorifying death. Because trying to survive is normal. Glorifying dead bodies and building them better structures than the living is not. Anyway, historic structures always have my attention.

There are the Longyou caves in China. China who was once one of the leading of wisdom of the world, and then, the SEGNPMSS suppressed it with communism. Very sad, indeed.

Longyou lies in the Zhejiang province and is at least 2000 if not more years old. I assume you heard of it too.  So far, they found 36 grottoes covering 30,000 sqm and goes down 30m deep. So, it is HUGE. Pillars everywhere support the ceilings.


No history book or scripture anywhere mentioned this place until it was found in 1992. The place comes with rooms, chiseled walls, steps, crossovers, and pools. Yes, pools. The work down there was done symmetric and precise. Despite the area was battered by weather disasters, the structure was built so well that it was not harmed.

A huge construction project, yet there is no record of it. Stolen history. The same goes for your families sub-village. It was once built on land, I think, but then let into and under the water. I found no records hereto neither. I just know that it exist, that it is in the USA and that I was there before I was kidnapped to Germany.


Back to Longyou. They found no fish in those pools. I think they were built for clean water for the people and not for fish. Someone drew a fish and some other animals on a wall. However, it is possible that this was not done by the builders but later, maybe to distract what the place really was built for. These pools likely were clean water containers for human consumption.


And was that place built also for defense and escape? Most of the grottoes are close together, but they are not connected.  They were built parallel to each other. The walls are not that thick. They are covered with chiseled lines. Nobody knows why they are all chiseled. 

Let’s say the enemy is in pursuit. Those who have to flee are breaking through one wall (they are just 20 inch thick) and close it carefully behind them. The enemy enters the grotto… But where to follow the fugitives? No sights of them! Did they break through a wall and escaped? But where to find those cracks? There are chiseled lines anywhere! Could be flat on the floor, just a manhole or high up with a ladder that they took with them, etc.

Until the enemy discovered it, the fugitives are long gone. The perfect reason why someone would put up with chiseling everything. 

If they would have chiseled just one wall, the enemy would know exactly where to knock down the wall. But if everything is chiseled, that’s a problem for the pursuer. 

The world doesn’t know who built this place. I think it was built by some who tried to protect life, clean water, and also tried to stop aging by building away from the surface of the Earth, e.g. UV, sun, etc. And it served not to be seen by pursuers and also as an escape route.


Only one grotto is open to the public. Chinese people call it the 9th World Wonder. It sure looks like one. 

I love you, Marty. wherever you are. Many tender and passionate kisses. We’ll fight to get our fairy tale because you and I, Marty, we know that true love exists. Your happiness is my happiness.

Yours always











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