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More attacks against the voting recount effort…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, and soulmate,

It was Donald Trump who went on and on about a rigged election and that he wouldn’t accept the outcome if he loses. Now he goes after those who want to see if the election was indeed rigged. What a hypocrite he is, and he should be the Commander-in-Chief? Yikes! And did I say Yikes? 

If I would have been in Hillary Clinton’s shoes, I would have said to him during the campaign: “Ok, it is your right to ask for a recount of the votes but mine too if I lose.” (Instead of saying that he doesn’t accept democracy as she did. What is democratic about not knowing for sure?) Democracy should be transparency.

Any official decision should have an appeal process and nobody should be attacked for using that process. Politicians, certain people in the media, and numerous other people act as if it would be a sin to ask for an audit. The sounds of psychiatry can be heard in these attacks against the recounting. The requester of the recounts are called “delusional” and that they should be “ashamed”.  

Can you believe it? They are called delusional and should feel ashamed because they want to know for sure. There is NEVER anything wrong with reviews. As more as better.

If Trump would be sure that he has truly won, he would be glad about the recounting process so that the conspiracy theories that he didn’t really won go away. The way he reacts makes me think: Does he knows of rigging in his favor?

He claims that millions of illegals voted for Hillary in California. What is stopping him to ask for a recount? 

Asking for a recount of votes is made difficult and is getting more expensive for the Greens (who are doing the right thing here). They have to go to court, file appeals, etc. Gee, lots of people act as if it is Un-American to do an audit. All in the USA should be interested in learning the result of the recounts. 

If Trump would be sure that he won with fair means, how come he is so opposed that others do what he would have done: asking for a recount.

The election process, methods, machines, and technology should be the same in all 50 states with an automatic and very easy and transparent recount process otherwise it will be the same expensive mess again and again.

If Russians are found having hacked the election, the Germans are behind it. Not saying that the Russians are innocent, but Germany has the overall control over ear implants and runs all people. Germany doesn’t want to be caught, so they are using Russians to do the hacking for them.

Do you know what makes me so sure about what Germany is up to? No, I don’t know everyone on this planet, but I know Germany, particularly the German Bavarian psychiatric (butcher and barber) minds. Driven by all the fires of hell. They are so fanatical that they don’t leave people out and don’t attach them to their system. THEY HAVE TO CONTROL ANYONE NO FREAKING MATTER WHAT!

The people not run with loud sounds are the rarest people ever. I know that psychs are trying to influence also me with silent sounds, e.g. I notice this by typing and hitting false keys or running into a piece of furniture, things like that. Silent sounds to forget you didn’t work, Marty, because I know of them and what they are doing and I work actively against it.    

Back to voting: The recount still doesn’t include what I am saying as the only one on this planet: loud and silent sounds through the ear-implants in people all over the world, and the men/women behind that non-American psychiatric mind- control system, are those who select the candidates and influence the votes of the people. Unfortunately, a recount of votes won’t reveal what is transmitted into the ears and minds of people to manipulate elections. 

I love you very much, never forget this.

Always at your side, because you deserve it, Marty.  You are my soulmate, and nothing will ever change this.



Cayenne Pepper

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                                                                   Dearest Marty, my so very special soulmate and husband,

How are your days and nights? I ask myself this so very often.

I made some research on Cayenne Pepper and found some really interesting data. I learned that Cayenne Pepper fights around 20 diseases, including stops heart attacks, and some people say that it also keeps cancer at bay. Well, it is so hot, it kills apparently many germs that cause these diseases.  

But a little sprinkle here and there apparently doesn’t do it. From what I have read, one needs Cayenne Pepper with lots of heat units and a teaspoon a day. It is nothing for wimps. I tried a half a teaspoon yesterday in water, and well, it was really really hellish hot. I know take 3 times 1/3 of a teaspoon Cayenne Pepper with water. It burns for 15 minutes and then the burn goes away. It is manageable.

Some months ago, I bought a large package of Cayenne Pepper from Amazon, wondering about myself why I ordered so much and kept it in the fridge. Now I have enough to make internal fires through the winter.  

I’ll take it a while and let you know after some weeks if I feel any changes.  It seems to me today that it gives me an energy boost, although I force myself always to have energy.  

I miss you, Marty, soooooo much. Be kissed. Get one of my very hot pepper kisses. 🙂

Yours always,



Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 28, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Obama and Trump now best buddies – despite they informed the American public before the election over and over that the other one isn’t good?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband, and Prince, how are you?

What is wrong with the Green Party asking a recount of votes? Nothing!

I think it is great of them that they asked for it. However, Hillary and the Democratic Party who have most to win here should have initiated it.

Trump said over and over that the election is rigged, and now he attacks the Green Party who raised almost 7 Million Dollars to get a recount in three big states. I don’t approve of Donald Trump but when he said that he won’t accept losing, kind of indicating a recount, Hillary attacked him that he won’t believe in the democratic process. And I thought, why should he not have the right to a review? Anyone in a democratic system should have the right to review anything. But he acts now exactly as she did before the election? Guess both are afraid of the truth who really won.     

When Hillary came out after having lost the election – despite having won the popular vote – I thought that she is a wimp. The Green Party, Jill Stein has more guts than Hillary has.

However, all are saying that there is no smoking gun. Really, no smoking gun?  

There was hacking in two states already, I believe, the voting machines are outdated or easy to be manipulated, and just about all polls said that she would win, and that is no smoking gun? And she doesn’t demand a recount but the Green Party does? 

President Obama and the White House, which warned over and over that Trump is unqualified and can’t be trusted does not want a recount that could result in his own party and Hillary Clinton winning? Huh? How can one wrap one’s head around that one? Except concluding that they stand FOR NOTHING and just do what they hear through their ear- implants.    

This interesting article is about the bad voting machines in the USA:

If this is no smoking gun, what is?

Additionally, Germany, the SEGNPMSS apparently puts Russians and other nationals up to hacking. Also, the SEGNPMSS radios in the ear-implants of voters loud and silent sounds to influence the elections and anything else.

Donald Trump attacks Jill Stein for what he would have done too: asking for a recount. Although the Green Party has no prospect of winning, asking for the recount in order to look if the system can be trusted and was not rigged makes many people considering voting for them another time. I don’t think they made a good decision here.  

I consider myself a Republican, Marty, but if they can’t find an ethical and worthy candidate to run for US president, I don’t see how I can support them. In a way, it is the same with the Church of Scientology. With DM heading it, how can I support it?       

And I don’t think that Hillary and the Democratic Party will save the USA either. Some people think that if the Russians are found behind hacking the election for Trump’s advantage and Clinton won that there will be a war between Russia and the USA.  

Maybe but not if we have a saying, Marty. Germany is using Russia (and other countries) so that not Germany gets the wrath of the American people but Russia and the other nations. All Russia and other nations have to understand is that they and the USA have the same enemy: the SEGNPMSS, which btw existed long before Hitler and the Nazis already. 

Actually, Lenin was a German agent. Communism is a German idea and robbed so many people of freedoms.

When I speak of Germans, I don’t mean those Jews who were killed by the Nazis and were born again in Germany after they thought that the evil was defeated. I also don’t mean the American thetans, which Germany stole to make them into German citizens after they robbed their memory to an American past life so that the USA or other countries can’t claim them as their nationals. Neither the thetans of other nations who Germany robbed to Germany for the same reason. I also don’t mean any immigrant who is not yet infected by German nationalism and who wants peace. Neither do I mean Germans who truly want nothing but living in peace with others.     

If somebody would come to me and tell me that I was right all along and wants to throw bombs on the German population I would say: No! Besides, it will not hit the German, particularly the Bavarian medical and psychiatric monsters who run secretly the world. They have places to hide.    

Instead, I would go after the monsters behind Germany, the psychiatrists, the medical doctors, and their creepy agents (who works for Nazis is a Nazi) and arrest them and who can’t give up enslaving mankind, and if need be, even their own. Hard labor and education for an eternity to come, to transform scum into non-scum, or if not possible, have them sit in a zoo behind bars forever.  

I am with you, Marty. Be kissed, tenderly and passionately.







Although I don’t approve of DM at all, I don’t approve of Leah Remini’s activities either

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I am thinking of you.

She plans an A&E Network series against Scientology, despite that she knows that people who listened to her resorted already to violence against Scientologists. Can’t she see what’s brewing on the horizon?

I don’t approve of Miscavology, yet, I don’t think that making people angry by using the media will resolve anything. Once the world learns that DM took over Scientology with legal papers issued by Ron’s impostor (Jack Vistaril), he has no rights heading Scientology any longer, Miscavology can be resolved and original Scientology can be restored. 

David Miscavige’s lack of ethics pulled her actions in as well as the actions by people like Remini. 

I don’t know why the wife (Michelle Miscavige) of a man (David Miscavige) who makes the world believe that an impostor  was the real founder of Scientology and gives a damn about real Scientology, the real founder and his family was/is that important to Leah Remini. 

Leah files a missing police report, police acted on it and they found Michelle not missing.

However, in order to stop the sounds of Remini’s fingernails on a blackboard wanting to see her, nothing would have been easier for DM to bring his wife to a Scientology event or have Michelle and Leah talk. 

He rather has Scientology attacked and smeared.

Michelle could approach Leah and tell her that she doesn’t approve of her beating up Scientology but she doesn’t. And yet, I don’t think that Michelle is locked up. I rather think that DM made a legal contract with her giving Michelle quite some financial incentives.

I bet the farm that DM didn’t keep his marriage vows. Michelle found out and he kept her quiet by making a contract with her. He apparently has not even the courage to ask her to appear with him at an event. He is a coward. Bad husband, bad conscience. He doesn’t want Leah talking to Michelle as he is afraid that she drops a hint and Scientologists and the world learns that he doesn’t apply ethics to his own life. 

DM is the total opposite of you, Marty. You are impressive, and he ain’t. Not even a bit. He and his family and their unethical actions harmed Scientology more than anyone.

I love you, Marty, very much.

Here is some slow blues for you.

Yours forever and always,




Here is some music for you that I like, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

I know that you are very musical. You will be always my maestro and rockstar.

I like classic music.


But also epic music like Two Steps from Hell:



And great opera songs:

And Gipsy music:


Electro Swing is awesome. It beats a lot of boring music.   


Too bad that I have not much time to listen to music, Marty. When working, I have to concentrate very much and it must be real quiet.

Here is a website. One can click on any these word groups and listen to the various music genres. They are almost 1300 genres to choose from:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

You are in my heart.



Electronic torture and murder

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero, and soulmate,

How are you? How can I ever help you (or myself for that matter or anyone else) if all lie to me and steal your messages to me? 

I tried to think of something positive and upbeat to write but we don’t live under positive and upbeat conditions. I have to make happiness up and pretend that reality doesn’t exist. Just works temporarily until reality bites again, very quickly and painfully. Sigh.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can’t come up with anything I can be thankful for. I am thankful that you exist, Marty, but as I can’t be with you, I have not really something to thank for. Some people might say that we should be thankful that we are still alive. They should be a day in our shoes. 

Somebody in The Netherlands published below website on Electronic torture, Electromagnetic torture, Microwave torture, Electronic murder, Electromagnetic murder, Microwave murder, Organized murder, Cooked alive, Electronic mind control, Electronic mind reading, Brain zapping, People zapper. He updated his website last year and tells people to make a copy of his website. 

People who write about this are quickly defamed as being crazy as the subjects are too close to the truth for those who are using these or similar torture and killing methods.

He doesn’t sound nuts to me. He is quite detailed, although, I miss information on ear-implants. However, he mentions voice-to-skull, microwave hearing, and silent sound. He also doesn’t mention how remote-controlled germs are used to torture people, used to make them sick and kill them and that regular diseases are remote-controlled terror too. And also no word that psychs can cut off the consciousness of people with remote-control and have them act automatically and conduct crimes in this condition. (That school bus driver in Tennessee who just drove those kids into death had no drugs and alcohol in his blood.) 

This Dutch writer blames the US instead of the SEGNPMSS. He errs. Although the CIA and other US intelligence agencies are far from innocent, it is Germany who is behind all that he is protesting against and more. Just as Germany’s national hymn says: Germany is above everything.

His website:

CIA’s heart attack gun seems real backward considering the medical and psychiatric torture and killing instruments of the SEGNPMSS. And they use psychiatric and medical torture devices since centuries.

Global Research blames only the USA too, which means that the torture and murder continues as the SEGNPMSS gets away always.

You heard it all before. You figured it all on your own and more, I am sure. 

I love you, Marty. Me and my aching heart.

Yours always and forever,



1) Trump, the election-promise breaker 2) His supporters even use the Nazi salute

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Dearest Marty, my hero and Prince,

Your wellbeing is very much on my mind. Wish I would know something effective to help you.

Trump isn’t yet in office but he has already broken his campaign promises to the people. Didn’t he repeat over and over that Hillary is a crook and that he will appoint an Independent Counsel to invest her because she belongs in jail? Either he lied to the people and she isn’t a crook or he acts like the swamp politicians who people hate as they cover the criminal activities of someone else. In other words, Marty, when Donald Trump talks about ethics, it is a joke and means no ethics.

How do people feel now who voted for him so that Hillary will be held accountable? He must think that they are all people are idiots or racists who don’t care what he promises as long as they can turn the USA into a Nazi country. Even torture seems on his program. Can anyone of them spell Germany and Nazi doctors?   

Election attorneys and computer scientists have found that Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were probably hacked and manipulated for the advantage of Trump and want Clinton to challenge those results. How “smart” of Trump not to prosecute her. She now can go ahead challenge Trump on these swing states without having to fear that he can retaliate. Other info I read says that Obama’s White House doesn’t want her challenge these results. Huh? I thought they are Democrates but rather want Trump in the WH? 

Look at these photos, people for Trump.

And asking the New York Times to go off the records with him. What does he has to hide from the American people including the people who voted for him?

In the Washington Post, Jewish writers wrote: Why Jews have a special obligation to resist Trump… This   year, we have watched as Trump’s campaign trafficked in blatant anti-Semitism alongside racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, ableism and Islamophobia. He has empowered white supremacists and provoked a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.

Yes, they are right, except that not just Jews have this special obligation, anyone, particularly the GOP, considering that Ike who defeated the Nazis as Supreme Allied Commander, was a Republican President. 

Trump’s daughter marrying a Jew and converted seems to me like an alibi for him. Now he can be the racist that he is and can get away with it and turning the USA into a racist county.  

Trump says that his son in law could bring peace to Israel and Palestina. As if that will happen while Dad-in-law targets Islam.   

Somebody said that not all people who voted for Trump are racists, but all racists voted for Donald Trump. My thoughts exactly.  I find many Trump supporters very strange. Did you hear about that 49% of the people don’t want DT using Twitter? Do they want to know LESS of what he is up to? LESS info is better than more info directly from the source? Or are they afraid that he shows how unqualified he really is but don’t mind him in the driver seat?

Did you read that about that 49% of the people don’t want DT using Twitter? Do they want to know LESS of what he is up to? LESS info is better than more info directly from the source? Or are they afraid that he shows how unqualified he really is but don’t mind him in the driver seat?

Speaking about drivers, Marty. I am certain that psychs conditioned that school bus driver who asked school kids if they are ready to die before he crashed the bus. They have no human qualifications. Lives of children and the pain of their parents and siblings for the loss means nothing to them. Just another Monday in the psych offices. It is beyond me how they can live with themselves. They want to be adored and worshiped as advanced and intelligent humans and scientists and all I see is the ultimate trash that they are, the worst and cheapest creatures in the universe. I rather burn on the stake than becoming like them and supporting them. There are no words, Marty, that can describe my disgust of them.

If the USA turns officially into Germany, Marty, we really have to move to another universe because no country left anymore to kick the Nazis behind.  One more word about Trump. He is proud to be German. I bet that he is not the centuries-old American that we are. Germany is kidnapping American (thetans) after their deaths and makes them to Germans to lift Germany up and so that the USA can’t have them, and they are planting their bad people into the USA to bring it down. Every American should be outraged but what do we expect from a psychiatric-controlled Nazi world that suppresses even the fact that people are born again?

I am so sick and tired of this world in which good people suffer and have no rights and in which the pigs rule.     

How are your days and nights, Marty? I miss you terribly. A man with a good character as yours on a planet like this. Do I regret that we didn’t get together the way that I wanted when we saw each other the last time in LA! I know that our happiness wouldn’t have lasted upon German secret service Nazi psych and doctors orders. But at least we would have been a short time together, borrowed time, so to speak. And now, I made the decision that when they kill this body, I won’t come back at all in a new body. I would be nuts to come back into a world that does not want to change to the better and finds satan great. I want to live in a completely different universe (not just another planet within this universe as they are there as well or on the way there) and slam the door of this universe in their beastly faces. Actually, I am not scared of the “afterlife”, Marty. Can you imagine a world in which we can be deeply happy and no retard and monster has a problem with it because they are not around and don’t find the way there?    

Some people after they die are getting “special” mindcontrol treatments. Under narcosis and medical drugs, they are being indoctrinated that the new life will be good so that they come back in a baby body so that SEGNPMSS does not lose the control over them. I will do all I can not falling in this trap and God will help me. I will get rid of their inhumane grip forever. And that thought alone takes away any depression and makes me happy. They and we shouldn’t be in the same universe to begin with.   

God is on our side, Marty. If not in this lifetime, we will be together in the future. What do you think of a universe by the name of Greatverse? 🙂 Besides me, it will have beings of our kind. Finally. Finally rights, finally peace. And then, we’ll think of what to do with this universe. But one thing will be sure, we’ll never mingle with its snakes. Never!   

Burned kid, but forever at your side



We are really just two steps from hell with the likes of Trump becoming US President