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Aging and diseases are inhumane and big business for some

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Dear Marty, love of my life,

I know that it is no news for you, although most people don’t know it.

I give Aubrey de Grey and some others credit for creating awareness that aging is brutal and should be combatted. However, it seems that they aim for a surviving body through medical maintenance, while we know that we need a new way of life (one not on the unprotected surface of the planet and one with perfectly healthy water and food) so that we don’t even need medical maintenance (injections and pills) to stay healthy and young on the inside and outside. The medical and chemical profession always wants to cash in. If they are forced to allow people to live significantly longer than before as the awareness of the public hereto grows, they want a medical/chemical way, not our natural way.    

Our health- and youth-preserving villages are NOT too expensive if people work together to create them. Old and sick people are a lot more expensive. And they suffer. The problem, of course, is all those monsters who 1) enjoy seeing others suffer 2) making money off sick and old people. They don’t want our health- and youth-preserving villages, however, if they are not being built, they themselves, and their loved-ones will be hit by diseases, aging, and dying sooner or later too. And then, in their next lifetime, they likely become the victim of another SP like themselves, and no longer being the secret makers of rules but the victim of these corrupt rules.

These health- and youth-preserving villages were a part of original Scientology, and the SEGNPMSS ordered the removal of these data from SCN. Now, Scientologists are getting sick and are aging like other people. SPs and their agents ridicule Dianetics and Scientology (after psychiatrists and medical doctors changed it and stole these data) but don’t tell the public that Scientology was altered and very important survival data and technologies removed from it.

Any Scientologist and all others who couldn’t study and apply those SCN technologies and got sick and aged were incredibly defrauded by the medical- and psychiatric- ordered infiltration of Scientology. Like other people, their lives were cut short, they were tortured though the pains of aging (allowed to live just as long as to contribute financially to keep doctors and the pharma industry rich) and died or are dying (murdered as SEGNPMSS knows that people don’t have to get sick, old, and die) as the alternative way of living was stolen from Scientology.

Monsters they are, and did I say monsters? Killing 7 Billions of people in an average of 75 years means “a normal day in the office” to these beasts! They kill people actively with remote-controlled germs, toxins, microwave weapons, and other psychiatric and medical “inventions” from hell or they let them live under these conditions and allow a colleague to finish them off.

They are godless. They think there is no God and that it is ok to cut off any humanity inside. They are unable to see him. Their crimes are making them BLIND. They can’t afford it anymore to look. A monster doesn’t want to be held accountable, that’s why they are indoctrinating themselves that there is no God. And they are making themselves dirtier, smaller, more stupid, more appalling by the minute. And they are cowards. It takes courage to change a wrong course and say: Where the hell am I going? I gotta change.

There is nobody in the world who impresses me less than the typical barber, butcher, psych, pharma, medical doctor mind and personality and those of their agents. It is all I don’t want to be and have nothing to do with. When I think of them, I ask myself constantly the question: how can a being even sink that deep?

Marty, we have been through hell too, in this and former lifetimes. Yet, we didn’t become SPs. They justify but should not. They have no excuse. One has to remember that one is a human being, or as an alternative, get an animal body instead of a human one.  

They have crashing MUs on ethics. They think that it is hard and difficult and that it is no fun being ethical. That’s why they never really tried it. They are clueless and their self-esteem is very low. That’s also a reason why they want people to admire everything medical or call psychs “scientists”. Trying to uplift themselves by making people adoring them when there is nothing to admire. They are fake.

They want that we, and all others, look up to them. It is upsetting them that we don’t. It really bothers them. I notice this every day. How the hell should we do this when there is nothing to admire?? NOTHING!!! We look through them completely. Their personalities (or better, the lack of it) are completely known to us. We know all about them. In our own close-by world or by looking at the rest of the world, I notice constantly, how they want to be admired and how they try to be other personalities than they in fact are. Their lives are big fat lies. They pretend instead of change. They  want to stand on a pedestal, and all should bow before them (profession, nationality, personality) and feeling small and inferior.

Instead, they are the small people, the people with personalities that stink like rotten eggs. They can’t deal with strong and able equals as we want other people. Because they know they would lose in any category. So, they suppress mankind and think that makes them stronger. The hell they are. It comes back to bite them. They really are stupid. They can’t predict anything that is rolling their ways. 

Ron was so right when he said that the only way out is the way through. One has to look and apply changes if that what one sees is not great. Being too cowardly to change ways never resulted in a great being. They are specialized in hiding. They order the atrocities and then pull in their tails and go cowardly into hiding.

I know them. I know all about them as they came on so strong in my life. Besides being brutal, they are COWARDS and nothing but. In a world that is trance, they have the upper hand, but there is nothing that they can do to make me admire them. I pity them, Marty, I really do. We have to suffer under them greatly, but I wouldn’t want to change with them and get their disgusting, suppressive, mean, stinky, revolting, retarded, pitiful, cowardly, small, insignificant, icky, appalling personalities. To me, they are dirt. The worst kind of dirt. They may take great care on their outside appearance, but inside, they are enormous dung pits and slurries. The real Dorian Grays. Yuk. I don’t even want to me in one universe with them.  

And I love you very much, Marty. And yes, I adore you. Because you are so different.

Yours forever,


Steve is gone, let’s hope that he, and all others who died, have a change in their next lifetimes to stay forever young. But it won’t happen for anyone if the truth is further suppressed. I like this song. But it is sad that it is played and sung for someone who was not allowed to stay forever young.







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