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SEGNPMSS ear-implants rule – their favorite candidate “won” the election for US president

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

While you held ladies politely and respectfully the door so that they could pass, racist Donald Trump grabbed them by the genitals or forced himself otherwise onto them. You (likely, still have no evidence but a feeling) are wrongfully incarcerated, and he can take over the country. And that is called justice and free world? What a rotten world! 


In his acceptance speech Trump said that his father and mother are looking down on him and are proud. Are they proud of his many faults and treatment of women, immigrants, other (but German) races, and handicapped people too? 

In his acceptance speech he sounded like the politician that he said he would not be. He chopped away at Hillary during the campaign, saying she did nothing for the country, yet, in his speech he thanked her for her service. Huh? 

He read his victory speech from the teleprompter yesterday night and sounded exactly like a politician. He wants to rebuilt the infrastructure of the USA. But in order to save health, youth, and dying, we need a new one. Donald Trump will not safe the USA.  

I am no fan of the Clintons or the Democrats, Marty. Never was. Bill Clinton and his administration conspired against us big time, and Hillary didn’t help. Barack Obama is blinded by Germany too and allowed the real Bin Laden to get away by just shooting his doppelganger. However, Donald Trump will be also not the man who saves the USA. All the opposite. Donald Trump says he is an American but I see the a cheap German behind his eyes and in his personality. 

SEGNPMSS ear-implants use loud and silent sounds to make people run or not run for office. SEGNPMSS ear-implants decides who will be nominated by the parties and ultimately who will win the votes of the electoral college and the majority votes of the people. Bernie Sanders was railroaded by his own party. SEGNPMSS needed a real faulty character on the opposition to have Trump win.  

Many Germans say that they don’t want the USA to be led by Trump. That is a SEGNPMSS alibi. The SEGNPMSS, supported by other German and German-oriented secret services radio in the ears of Americans to make him US president. For them Trump is a great tool to degrade the US presidency.

Trump is a hypocrite. He rails against illegal immigrants, yet, Melania, who is as cheap as selling her body to model naked for money, worked illegally in the USA. According to his own rules, shouldn’t she be kicked out instead of becoming the FLOTUS?  

Behind the BREXIT, I also can see the SEGNPMSS. Great Britain due to its role during World War II is in the way for Nazis to take over Europe again. So, what do they do? They organize BREXIT and make it smaller by planning to split Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

SEGNPMSS also wants to split the USA if possible. A person like Trump whose personality is detested by so many Americans and supported by so many who wrongfully think that his character doesn’t matter comes in handy for the SEGNPMSS. There is already the movement #heisnotmypresident.

If German ear-implants are proven to have influenced this election, Trump is NOT the elected president.   

I love you, my hero. You would be an awesome US President, Marty. No way the SEGNPMSS can manipulate you to become their puppet. No way they fool you.

Be kissed, you are deep in my heart and you deserve to be in there.

Yours always,







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