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The comment that your impostor, Monique’s husband, does not publish

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate, I am thinking of you. And I love you more than I will be ever able to express in words.

Have a look at the screen shot below. It  is from the comment section of your impostor’s posting “The Only Good Scientologists” in his Moving Up on Higher Rubbish Blog. I am not a regular at his blog and rarely read any comments. However, I made a comment on November 6, 2016, and your impostor CENSORED it. I very rarely posted to the blog of this agent, but he censored most of the other postings that I did, those asking him about your whereabouts. 

After having attacked and disgraced Scientology, your impostor kisses up to David Miscavige so that he get a big amount of Scientology money from His Cobness  instead of Monique.

And they are partners in crime. Your impostor tried to down my blog, his partner in crime, David Miscavige is paying expensive services to keep my blog low in the search engine. 

Rotten SEGNPMSS-controlled and -minded agents they are.

As of today, 1pm, below commend comment of Nov. 6 was not published but postings made by people lateron are being published in his comment section. So, he is around but censored my comment posting.

No doubt, Marty, your impostor doesn’t want the world to know who he really is and that goes also for David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and the likes.

Read this:   




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