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Germany’s unbelievable hypocrisy after Trump win

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my heart, how are you?

I notice the outrageous hypocrisy of the German government and wish I never heard of this universe. In short: I want to be in another one.

Angela Merkel offered “the next President of the USA” closed cooperation on the values of democracy, freedom, and respect for the law and the dignity of man, independent of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views.  What an hypocrisy considering that German secret services are behind ALL the rotten things on this planet as Germany has the overall control over each and any freaking ear implant on this planet from hell. People do exactly what the SEGNPMSS wants as these German secret service psychiatrists and German-oriented p$ychs work with loud and silent sounds to control and run mankind.   

They also organized of course that no better people were nominated for the US Presidency than Donald and Hillary. They talk into the minds of electors and voters with loud and silent sounds and having them vote for who Germany wants to have in top positions of the world. SEGNPMSS people are predators who turn little kids all over the world to their agents and run them all through they adult lifetime until to their death, withholding from them that they could have a much better life without being puppets.

Germany doesn’t mind Trump and Merkel clashing. She did obedient her part by making the world believe that she and not still existing Nazi doctors run Germany and Europe. She took all the fugitives in (and not one more) after she learned that Germany needs them for its economy and to leave all other countries (incl. the USA) in the dust. SEGNPMSS even starts wars to get hard workers. They have all these people flee their homelands to serve Germany and at the same time, psychiatric-condition some of them to become violent, to shame religions so that Germany and Europe has a justification to bring the Nazis back. History does repeat itself because the psychiatric and medical monsters behind Hitler (and before his time) get away all the time and they are still alive and unless people who live on the unprotected surface of the world, they don’t die physically. 

The next item on the Nazi agenda is handing top positions to German Frauke Petry, also called Adolfina, and in France to Marine Le Pen who leads the French Nationalists,  and the likes.  All over the world, people demonstrate Nazi tendencies and act exactly upon what is transmitted through their German-controlled-ear implants. Note how the Nazi psychs and doctors are selecting now women to do the dirty work for them as women are often considered less scary by others. SEGNPMSS thinks that using conscienceless women can get them take over the world faster. But are women really women if outrageously criminal men behind them run them like puppets?

Trump’s extreme attitude towards race pairs him with who the SEGNPMSS wants to put in the chancellor chair after Merkel, e.g. “Adolfina”. They Merkel did well for Germany and can go now, they decided.

Trump is a proud German and thinks or says that immigrants destroy his beloved Germany. They don’t. Germany installed their ear-implants into anyone and control everything any national does. Germany needs those fugitives as hard working slaves. Daesh people or other Islamist terrorists are conditioned (by SEGNPMSS of course) and even attack German citizens in the process, SEGNPMSS thinks it is worth it as these conditioned Islamists help them bringing the Nazis back whose “job” it will be “to protect Germans from Islamists”. Either Trump conceals this or his IQ doesn’t go there to figure that out.  

Germany also hides behind Russia and other states. Germany’s hacking, running secretly the US election, etc., all that is organized in a way that Germany isn’t blamed. They want the USA, Russia, and other nations to be blamed so that they can set up new unrests and wars. Germany is notorious for picking foreign agents (they also had one in Lenin). They do the dirty work for them and hide cowardly behind them. And the world is unable to recognize the mechanism, and they are giving Germany a clean bill of ethics. What a shame. I call it trance. 

That I am the only one writing about Germany’s ear-implants, Marty, shows again that there is no free world anywhere on this planet.

As I said, SEGNPMSS wants to break up Great Britain (due to its opposition during the Third Reich) to make it small in order to have Nazis take the official lead in Europe. That is why the SEGNPMSS allowed BREXIT.  They want Scottland and Northern Ireland to split. When England is small and tiny and after ear-implants sabotaged its economy even more, they want the English on their knees begging for Germany’s EU to take them again without opposing the new Nazis and their inhuman medical and psychiatric world.  

And what happened in the USA? Trump’s personality and ways are so appalling to many that a new civil war is in the making. Opponents are burning the US flag and riot. Americans holding signs saying “Trump is not my President” and “Shame on you, America!”.

He is not my President either, Marty, but two wrongs make no right. They don’t see that German-controlled ear-implants got the USA where it is right now and that the SEGNPMSS wants to get the USA even further down. They control the voting and elections. They decide who runs and not. German-controlled ear implants were also behind slavery and the KKK. The first language of the USA became almost German.       

Trump calls the protests “unfair”. But ear-implants rigging elections is fair?   

How can Germany take over the USA? As they do in Europe and elsewhere: having leaders that are so objectionable that people want their states to split away. SEGNPMSS wants Calexit. They want California (and then also other states) splitting from the USA to weaken it as they plan with GB. 

I also feel strongly that the shootings of Blacks and others by police and vice versa is clearly a SEGNPMSS project to start a civil war in the USA and to break it up. SEGNPMSS wants to destroy the USA and take over with racism, anti-religion, hatred, crime, and war.

Did the pollsters in the USA got it all wrong? Or didn’t they because voters/electors were switched last-minute to vote differently? One is sure: ear-implants rule. No doubt, the Clintons are unethical and pro Germany. They don’t save America, but a Trump presidency is even a SEGNPMSS step further. Turning Americans into racists. This was always the German Nazi dream. Passing on their Nazi reputation to the USA. Painting the USA in bad colors and acting as if Germany are the human rights protectors. Yeah right! What is going on is so transparent, for you and me, Marty, but mankind is in a deep trance.

Whatever SEGNPMSS is doing, Marty. I catch on and I know you too. By kidnapping me and denying your rights of freedom and happiness and by setting us up, they sure messed with the wrong people.

I sent you a billion kisses.

Your wife (German accent but true American mind and heart)


Have a look at this, Marty. The song is named American Love. What is wrong with it besides that the song, music,and lyrics are rather boring? The German propaganda in it, a German car. Why is no American car in this picture? My comment: silent and/or loud German commands. It suggests Americans have to buy German if they want to be real Americans and keep the US economy down. 


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  1. Berlin ( – In what is being criticized as a massive violation of press freedoms, Germany’s foreign intelligence agency allegedly spied on large numbers of foreign journalists overseas, including employees of the New York Times, Reuters and the BBC.

    Facts Facts Facts Facts

    March 1, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    • Hypocrites they are. And they do a lot than just spying on reporters. They use a supercomputer to control anyone. This is something anyone should have figured after becoming familiar with Nazis.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 3, 2017 at 3:18 am

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