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The global “Jewish” conspiracy is rather a German Nazi global conspiracy run by psychiatrists and medical doctors

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful husband,

You know it as I do. SEGNPMSS and their agents twist it around and blame Jews on it. It is not a global Jewish conspiracy but still a German Nazi conspiracy because the psychiatrists and medical doctors (barbers and butchers) behind Hitler and the Nazis were never caught, and they are still alive and are not aging like the billions of people (very much so their own agents) that they waste by not allowing them to stay healthy and alive. They use Jews as well but Jews are not the driving force. SEGNPMSS is and they use any nationals, atheists, and any people of any religion, may they know it or not, for their horrible goals.

Donald Trump (proud to be German) hires Reince Priebus (German) and Steve Bannon, the boss of Breitbart (German) for the top positions in his cabinet. They will not object the right-extreme politicians in Europe and other continents but support them. It does not need a lot to figure that SEGNPMSS wants the Nazis back officially, and they don’t want the USA stopping them but rather supporting them with a leadership that is non-American even if they say they are and attach a pin with a US flag to their suits. Actions speak louder than words.

He doesn’t drain any swamp but promotes people from the swamp. The infrastructure must be changed if people want to stay healthy and young. He just promotes the old infrastructure, which does not save lives. He wants to keep foreigners out so that Germany will become officially world power no. 1 (by even starting wars to get millions of fugitives as cheap and hard workers). Trump and his people will never blow the whistle on Germany keeping the USA and other countries down. But neither will the Clintons.      

The Clintons blame the FBI on that Hillary lost. However, fact is that the SEGNPMSS thinks that the right-extreme US presidency of Trump will be of even more use to them than that of a blind or unethical Democrat. Here is how the SEGNPMSS thinks: we want the Nazis back officially. If against all odds this plan should not succeed, the USA and not Germany will be blamed. That’s the idea behind Trump and his people. SEGNPMSS also plans a civil war in the USA. They started already with police against Blacks and the other war around.

I also believe that there are a lot more shocking facts to Donald Trump and his people than published so far. And some people know and they must come forward to impeach him before he can take office.      


I know that you also think that ear-implants must be busted. As sooner as better. SEGNPMSS are using this psychiatric tool to control, manipulate, and mislead people. The masters decide who runs for head of states and who is voted for and elected, not free-thinking people.    

Have also a look here:

More about this SEGNPMSS conspiracy: there was still no letter, mail, or message by you or your representatives for me, Marty. However, the problem that the SEGNPMSS is having with me is that I know that they prevent me getting it. And they don’t know when to call it quit. Just like with Hitler. The war was lost and they continued their losing streak because they don’t know what it means to be human.   

I send you millions of kisses. Be tenderly embraced. Whatever happens, Marty, they were not able to fool and run us. I love you. Always did and always will. 

Yours forever, 


Great epic music, Marty, although I was unable to understand acoustically the few chorus lyrics of this song.





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