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1) When does notorious liar Paul Horner finally get a clue about ethics? 2) The Electoral College is meeting again on December 19

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero,

I ask myself why Paul Horner (aka Fred Durks aka Darude al Ungar, Dr. K. etc.) doesn’t do serious time in prison.

I have some unpleasant conversations with him on Usenet, at least a decade ago. He was spreading lies about Ron, the (real) founder, Scientology, you and me. He ripped off the Religiousfreedomwatch. org and republished the website with very altered content, making the creepy and dishonest anti-religious extremists look very good. In addition, he issued that fake website in your and my name. He tried to frame us with his own illegal act.

Back then, I did a bit of research on him and found these links:

Too bad that Amazon and Microsoft didn’t kick Paul Horner’s behind effectively in court. He still lies and misleads people. He wants to see the world in confusion and chaos. And he even makes a living with that. Professional liar! Yikes! How low can one sink? What is wrong with the system keeping you wrongfully behind and the likes of Horner roaming free? 

Horner claimed that I am crazy, Marty. Lol! When a liar says one is crazy, that means that one is not crazy. I take crazy over stupid and liar any time.

Today, I noticed Horner’s name in the news. He says that he thinks that his fake news got Donald Trump elected. 66% of all Facebook users are getting their news from there. (Not me, Marty, I go to various official news outlets for the news and even then, I am careful what to believe.)   

66% of all Facebook users are getting their news from Facebook or Google, I suppose. (Not me, Marty, I go to various official news websites for the news and even then, I am careful what to believe.)   

The Washington Post:



To me, Paul Horner is not just doing mischief. He is a crook and somebody has to hold him finally accountable.

To my other header today: The Electoral College meets again in one month. The Constitution Daily predicts no drama (in other words: changes) on that day. But if Trump won because people were misinformed, shouldn’t they reconsider their vote?

Regardless of what happens on December 19, Republican candidate Trump will become the elected President on January 6, 2017, unless some vastly unforeseen event prevents Congress from counting the Electoral College votes during a joint meeting of Congress, or the President-elect is unable to take his oath on Friday, January 20, 2017.

However, there is of course also the problem with Hillary’s ethics and or better the lack of it. She was the Secretary of State and very Merkel-friendly. I bet she was approached to help you with your wrongful incarceration, which Germany set up and then hid behind Spain and the USA. Can’t be effective what she did, because I don’t feel that you are free, Marty.  

As far as Trump is concerned, he indicated himself to Evangelicals that he lived a life that qualifies him for hell. How I understand this: the worst about him isn’t published yet. If anyone has the info and loves this country, should come forward with it. I see crystal clear that Germany wants to bring the Nazis back in Europe and elsewhere, and they want a Republican Party who supports this or let them at least get away with it, and they are trying to blind Americans with promoting some Jewish people here or there. They are being used.  Once the Nazis can’t be stopped any longer, Jews and other minorities will have again no rights. Also, if some plans are rejected by the public, Nazi doctors, Nazis, and their international agents will blame their own Nazi activities on Jews. I am not saying that there was never or is no a bad apple Jew. But when still existing Nazis allowing a Jew or also a Scientologist in high places, they have an alternate motif. They are setting something up to smear the race or the religion. 

Take Donald Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner for example. His father was convicted of several felony counts. Nazi goal fulfilled in this case, the reputation of Jews was smeared. Anthony Weiner sexting a minor. Nazi goal fulfilled in this case, the reputation of Jews was smeared. And all that on the highest level of international public attention: the election of the US president. 

If Trump makes racial comments or does other mean things, loud and silent sounds in the ear-implants of people will blame Jews as Jared Kushner allegedly or indeed was the architect of Trump’s online campaign.

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. I notice how so many people who warned of Trump now trying to get buddy-buddy with him. Good grief. Are we the only stable people who do not flip-flop or what?





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  1. Not just Bannon and others of the Trump administration…

    Who is Jeff Sessions Trumps picked for Attorney General?

    In 1986, while Sessions was serving as the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Alabama, President Ronald Reagan nominated him to be a U.S. District Court judge. During confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, four different lawyers who had worked with Sessions in the past testified about Sessions making racist comments. They said he had described the Ku Klux Klan as “OK until I found out they smoked pot”; that a white lawyer who had black clients was “a disgrace to his race”; that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was “un-American” and “forced civil rights down the throats of people”; and that the Voting Rights Act — hugely important in the fight for civil rights — was a “piece of intrusive legislation.” A black prosecutor said that Sessions had called him “boy” and told him to “be careful what you say to white folks,” which Sessions denied (he did not deny making the other statements).


    November 18, 2016 at 4:04 am

  2. Who Is Mike Pompeo? CIA’s Next Leader Has Been Called Anti-Muslim; Kansas Congressman Is Tea Party Member


    November 18, 2016 at 9:59 am

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