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Electronic torture and murder

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero, and soulmate,

How are you? How can I ever help you (or myself for that matter or anyone else) if all lie to me and steal your messages to me? 

I tried to think of something positive and upbeat to write but we don’t live under positive and upbeat conditions. I have to make happiness up and pretend that reality doesn’t exist. Just works temporarily until reality bites again, very quickly and painfully. Sigh.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can’t come up with anything I can be thankful for. I am thankful that you exist, Marty, but as I can’t be with you, I have not really something to thank for. Some people might say that we should be thankful that we are still alive. They should be a day in our shoes. 

Somebody in The Netherlands published below website on Electronic torture, Electromagnetic torture, Microwave torture, Electronic murder, Electromagnetic murder, Microwave murder, Organized murder, Cooked alive, Electronic mind control, Electronic mind reading, Brain zapping, People zapper. He updated his website last year and tells people to make a copy of his website. 

People who write about this are quickly defamed as being crazy as the subjects are too close to the truth for those who are using these or similar torture and killing methods.

He doesn’t sound nuts to me. He is quite detailed, although, I miss information on ear-implants. However, he mentions voice-to-skull, microwave hearing, and silent sound. He also doesn’t mention how remote-controlled germs are used to torture people, used to make them sick and kill them and that regular diseases are remote-controlled terror too. And also no word that psychs can cut off the consciousness of people with remote-control and have them act automatically and conduct crimes in this condition. (That school bus driver in Tennessee who just drove those kids into death had no drugs and alcohol in his blood.) 

This Dutch writer blames the US instead of the SEGNPMSS. He errs. Although the CIA and other US intelligence agencies are far from innocent, it is Germany who is behind all that he is protesting against and more. Just as Germany’s national hymn says: Germany is above everything.

His website:

CIA’s heart attack gun seems real backward considering the medical and psychiatric torture and killing instruments of the SEGNPMSS. And they use psychiatric and medical torture devices since centuries.

Global Research blames only the USA too, which means that the torture and murder continues as the SEGNPMSS gets away always.

You heard it all before. You figured it all on your own and more, I am sure. 

I love you, Marty. Me and my aching heart.

Yours always and forever,



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    Thereby i report illegal human research on workless people in germany, by BND, CIA, NSA in support by the Jobcenter in various cities. I report a personal case of illegal psychotronic human experimentation by the BND in conjunction with NSA, CIA in affiliation with the jobcenter of munich. The experiments are performed by americans, like at university of regensburg by Prof. Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml in coopertion with ex-students, like Zheni Arnaudova, a female psychologist, who worked at the Berufsförderungswerk München, Ridlerstr. 55 at project “Chance für München”, she did not had any training for psychotherapy and studied in the field of research on the memory of the brain. So she was only there to select some people, like me, to perform illegal human experimentation on workless, disabled people. I am a deaf person. They are using EEG technologies and voice to skull. The experiments started about end of november 2015 and occur up to date. Especially it got extreme since the 25th december, as the experiments are now performed without any breaks 24h the day. They are talking continuously, possibly a computer system, using artificial intelligence, but still monitoring it continuously. They didn´t stop, as soon as i told them to stop the experiments, and i even did not subscribe to those experiments or gave any waiver to do such experiments on me. They are violating the nuremberg code in extreme way. There are files at NSA and CIA due to their answers for FOIA.

    I seek for help to restore my human rights and to demand for penalty on them.

    Affiliated known persons:

    Zheni Arnaudova, works at university regensburg, Berufsförderungswerk München, together with Prof. Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml at university of regensburg, possibly also with Bernd Ludwig at university of regensburg, see researchgate profile, they are talking like she would also work at Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz Bayern, where also Bäuml and Greenlee work according to their talks. Also she possibly works at BND, together with Dominik Kirner

    Dominik Kirner, works at BND, works together with Zheni Arnaudova, also with NSA

    Mario Wierick, Jobcenter München, works together with Dominik Kirner, Zheni Arnaudova, Bäuml and Greenlee

    Prof. Greenlee, Prof. Bäuml working at university of regensburg various research, human brain computer interfaces, artificial intelligence, brain memory, illegal experimentation as sources of their data is unknown, they did not answer requesting letter for their sources of their data and questions about ethic issues

    Sebastian Kricner

    Dear Mr. Mozer,

    thank you very much for your information.

    As i am actively assaulted by such technologies, i just can inform you,
    that ongoing violations of human rights occur. These assaults are
    occuring since i was an participant at “Berufsförderungswerk München”,
    Ridlerstr. 55, 80339 Munich, at a project called “Chance für München”,
    which was for longterm workless people. There was an psychologist called
    “Zheni Arnaudova”, an former student of Prof. Bäuml and Prof. Greenlee.
    She did not receive training for psychotherapy, although in my oppinion
    only proper trained people are feasible for handling long term workless
    people. The project was to get disabled people back to work, so the
    official clause, but it is also very possible that it is an task taken,
    to put discard disabled long term workless people, because very hard to
    integrate into new work. So to possibly put them into suicide
    (Geschäftsmäßig geförderter Suizid – See StGB).

    As i have read many documents on abuse cases, mainly those originate
    from the USA, like originating projects from DARPA/DoD/CIA. As Bäuml was
    at Stanford university it is highly suspicious.

    There are documents regarding of usage of LORETA, which may possibly in
    use in an modified manner by secret services. It is feasible, that the
    jobcenter of munich is working together or that “Berufsförderungswerk
    München” did provide services to dispose disabled workless people.
    Possibly also an secret project initiated by those people at university
    of regensburg, to commence research on artificial intelligence, then put
    them into disposal, like psychiatric clinics etc.

    See documents, like:

    Notice that in the followin document the usage for “Computer Brain Link
    Interfaces” is mentioned.

    Further affiliated persons:

    It is known that international research is taken place at secret
    services and that international contracts exists for keeping the
    research secret. Possibly is taken as IARPA (Intelligence Advanced
    Projects Activities)

    Also see my posts at:!topic/alt.mindcontrol/-azjhFlbQ2I!topic/alt.mindcontrol/Uuy2KNnPKgs

    There also is literature, like “Military neurosciences and the coming
    age of neurowarfare” by Armin Krishnan. There is an hint, research is
    taking place on CT2WS, Cognitivie Technology Thread Warning System.


    Also keep an eye on those projects “Decision in motion” from Prof.
    Greenlee and also “Visuo-spatial cognition” both are possibly using
    LORETA in an built in system, like GSM or Iridium-Satellites (little
    more latency than GSM).

    Also see documents, like:

    Keep in mind, that also Prof. Greenlee is involved into imagery
    technologies. And it occurred, that i also had contact to Prof. Sybille
    Ziegler at TUM Klinikum Rechts der Іsar, even with entrance into
    radioactivity control area without any governmental permit, for no know
    reasons except possibly the requirement to invite disabled applicants to
    jobs due to laws.

    I have an documented tinnitus since 1994, which is interesting due to
    LORETA development since 1994 according to the PDFs, severe abuse occurs
    since the mentioned participation at the project “Chance für München”,
    especially extreme since 25th december 2016 (24h/7d without breaks, like
    psychic driving).


    Sebastian Kricner

    Mozer, Brian (OS/OASH), Wed, Jun 14, 2017 05:40:30PM +0000
    >Dear Mr. Kricner,
    >ORI has received your email and concerns regarding the research of Dr. Greenlee and Professor Baumi at the University of Regensburg. Since Dr. Greenlee does not receive funding from the public health service, ORI has no authority to pursue this matter and will not consider it further. With regard to Professor Baumi, I was not able to make a determination regarding funding of his research, but it would appear that your concerns are not allegations of research misconduct but rather possible dangers of technologies being developed as a result of this research. In this case I would suggest that you raise your concerns with the appropriate officials at the University of Regensburg.
    >Sincerely yours,
    >Brian Mozer
    >Brian Mozer, PH.D
    >Division of Investigative Oversight
    >Office of Research Integrity, OASH
    >1101 Wootton Parkway, Suite 750
    >Rockville, MD 20852
    >From: Sebastian Kricner []
    >Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 5:10 PM
    >To: OS OPHS askORI (HHS/OPHS)
    >Subject: Illegal research complaint / Prof. Greenlee, Prof. Bäuml, University Regensburg
    >Dear Madams and Gentlemen,
    >hereby i request to stop funding and cancel all research projects of Prof. Mark Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml at the university of regensburg.
    >It is due to violations of human rights, i am being abused. They do abuse of psychotronic weapons for research purpose like on how decisions are made in neuronal networks.
    >Also keep an eye on their ex-ѕtudent named Zheni Arnaudova, finished in
    >2012 “Arnaudova, Zheni (2012). Der Einfluss von Hinweisreizen auf das Wiedererkennen von Vor- und Grundschulkindern.”, probably also with abuse of hypnosis.
    >Also do an background check of Prof. Bäuml, he studied at university of stanford, which is know to be an top target for CIA recruiters. Also background check Prof. Greenlee. The combinations of both names is also an sign for former MK-ULTRA persons, like an hint to “Greenbaum” or Mr.
    >Thank you for helping restoring my human rights
    >Sebastian Kricner


    September 12, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    • Not quite sure what you are going through but the world is secretly run by GERMAN secret services. They run the Americans and all others. German psychiatric ear-implants make the world to disgusting pig stable in which human rights are being violated. They want nobody to talk or write about this, however, if anyone talks or writes about like you do, they want the USA to take the blame.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 13, 2017 at 6:03 am

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