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Obama and Trump now best buddies – despite they informed the American public before the election over and over that the other one isn’t good?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband, and Prince, how are you?

What is wrong with the Green Party asking a recount of votes? Nothing!

I think it is great of them that they asked for it. However, Hillary and the Democratic Party who have most to win here should have initiated it.

Trump said over and over that the election is rigged, and now he attacks the Green Party who raised almost 7 Million Dollars to get a recount in three big states. I don’t approve of Donald Trump but when he said that he won’t accept losing, kind of indicating a recount, Hillary attacked him that he won’t believe in the democratic process. And I thought, why should he not have the right to a review? Anyone in a democratic system should have the right to review anything. But he acts now exactly as she did before the election? Guess both are afraid of the truth who really won.     

When Hillary came out after having lost the election – despite having won the popular vote – I thought that she is a wimp. The Green Party, Jill Stein has more guts than Hillary has.

However, all are saying that there is no smoking gun. Really, no smoking gun?  

There was hacking in two states already, I believe, the voting machines are outdated or easy to be manipulated, and just about all polls said that she would win, and that is no smoking gun? And she doesn’t demand a recount but the Green Party does? 

President Obama and the White House, which warned over and over that Trump is unqualified and can’t be trusted does not want a recount that could result in his own party and Hillary Clinton winning? Huh? How can one wrap one’s head around that one? Except concluding that they stand FOR NOTHING and just do what they hear through their ear- implants.    

This interesting article is about the bad voting machines in the USA:

If this is no smoking gun, what is?

Additionally, Germany, the SEGNPMSS apparently puts Russians and other nationals up to hacking. Also, the SEGNPMSS radios in the ear-implants of voters loud and silent sounds to influence the elections and anything else.

Donald Trump attacks Jill Stein for what he would have done too: asking for a recount. Although the Green Party has no prospect of winning, asking for the recount in order to look if the system can be trusted and was not rigged makes many people considering voting for them another time. I don’t think they made a good decision here.  

I consider myself a Republican, Marty, but if they can’t find an ethical and worthy candidate to run for US president, I don’t see how I can support them. In a way, it is the same with the Church of Scientology. With DM heading it, how can I support it?       

And I don’t think that Hillary and the Democratic Party will save the USA either. Some people think that if the Russians are found behind hacking the election for Trump’s advantage and Clinton won that there will be a war between Russia and the USA.  

Maybe but not if we have a saying, Marty. Germany is using Russia (and other countries) so that not Germany gets the wrath of the American people but Russia and the other nations. All Russia and other nations have to understand is that they and the USA have the same enemy: the SEGNPMSS, which btw existed long before Hitler and the Nazis already. 

Actually, Lenin was a German agent. Communism is a German idea and robbed so many people of freedoms.

When I speak of Germans, I don’t mean those Jews who were killed by the Nazis and were born again in Germany after they thought that the evil was defeated. I also don’t mean the American thetans, which Germany stole to make them into German citizens after they robbed their memory to an American past life so that the USA or other countries can’t claim them as their nationals. Neither the thetans of other nations who Germany robbed to Germany for the same reason. I also don’t mean any immigrant who is not yet infected by German nationalism and who wants peace. Neither do I mean Germans who truly want nothing but living in peace with others.     

If somebody would come to me and tell me that I was right all along and wants to throw bombs on the German population I would say: No! Besides, it will not hit the German, particularly the Bavarian medical and psychiatric monsters who run secretly the world. They have places to hide.    

Instead, I would go after the monsters behind Germany, the psychiatrists, the medical doctors, and their creepy agents (who works for Nazis is a Nazi) and arrest them and who can’t give up enslaving mankind, and if need be, even their own. Hard labor and education for an eternity to come, to transform scum into non-scum, or if not possible, have them sit in a zoo behind bars forever.  

I am with you, Marty. Be kissed, tenderly and passionately.








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